Crowdfunding Campaign

Something you need to see, darlings. Support your indie writers and get what is sure to be a great read. I’m currently fortunate enough to have an advanced reading copy and will be sharing my thoughts very soon. Go pre-order!


The wonderfully talented J.S. Collyer had enjoyed great success in the past year, having her short stories featured in not one but two published anthologies.

Her greatest success yet will arrive this August, with the debut of her first full-length novel, ‘Zero’.

Way back in May of 2013, I was incredibly lucky to be sent a very early portion of the novel.  Though it was a then-side project to her own ‘Big Project’, it showed incredible promise even then, and has become the current ‘Big Project’.

Jex’s publisher, Dagda Publishing, has just begun an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.   The contributions ranging from £5 to £75, and each amount earns you awesome sets of gear that the story’s space pirates would totally go ARRR! over…  wait, do they go ARRR!?

I encourage you to head on over and chip in to help fund a very talented lady’s journey…

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