And Now Some Chuckles Courtesy of Amanda Palmer…

I’m laying a pretty heavy trip on you this week, darlings — my temporary swan song, tempered by my indomitable sense of humour though it may be, is still quite the tear-jerker.

One of my favourite red-heads even said: “You’re much too evocative, darling. Could you lower the volume a little?”

To which I replied that of course I couldn’t.

But here you are — something to make you laugh, because life is equal parts joy and sorrow. This one’s dedicated particularly to my Aussie and British friends, who indulge in one of the most disgusting culinary items to ever be consumed by human beings.

Yes, I’m referring to Vegemite — or Marmite in the UK.

Enjoy, darlings (though, you should know, that as this is Amanda Palmer, and she’s got a bit of a reputation for having a potty mouth, not unlike a certain Countess of Arcadia, that this video might not be safe for work.



19 responses to “And Now Some Chuckles Courtesy of Amanda Palmer…

  1. Hey, Marmite is yummy yum yum! At university I lived on cheese and Marmite sandwiches for years πŸ™‚ Tell you what’s great – cheese, Marmite and egg mayonnaise sandwiches. Ooh, my mouth is watering!

    I agree about Vegemite though, Tried it once, didn’t like it.

    I’ll watch the video when I get home (no sound card at work).

  2. I have NO idea what a vegemite sandwich is. And sadly I have to wait until not at work to watch the vid….I will though cause I like bad language πŸ™‚

  3. Okay I NEVER *really* laugh out loud at videos. Especially not silly song videos. But I did snork quite a lot with laughter at this one.

    Marmite is gross, vile stuff, scraped from the inside of a brewery and used to turn a profit. I won’t have it in the house.

    Random trivia – the lidded pot on the label of British marmite is the actual, original marmite, which is a French cooking jar thing. The glass jar for Marmite the gross stuff, resembles the shape of marmite the crock-thing.

    I can tell you’re RIVETED by that little gem.

    And I’m not sure I forgive you for all the Feels from your swansong, seeing as I couldn’t wait, I downloaded it and read it all in one gulp (whatever) and now have to think of a way to write a review which won’t have people preemptively stocking up on happy pills just to cope with it.

      • I don’t know which makes me more snarly at this moment – the stories’ origin or that I suffered the (excellent) retelling.

        Bland is the least thing I could call it.

        And on that, I tried to give Jessica’s end of the pool a try. Seems it worked reasonably well, though it’s not as twisted as she would have made it. The feedback is enjoyable though.

  4. Ha! Foul death paste.. yep. My sister brought vegemite back from NZ, or marmite, which ever one – it was hideous and she loved it. We’re half-sisters, and now I know why.

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