Story Ideas You Can Have For Free – Courtesy of Your Favourite Dilettante

Remember this one, darlings? Well, now it’s your turn. I’d like to have a couple more Jessica B. Bell stories to go in the upcoming collection, titled VISCERA (more news soon!) and so I put it to you, dear readers, to offer up your unused ideas, your castaways — those thoughts that have been on the back-burner so long that if they don’t get used soon they are going to go bad. Yes, darlings, it’s Rag and Bone time — I’ll take whatever you’ve got, and if Jessica uses one of your ideas, you’ll get a special thanks in the book. Let’s hear what you’ve got.

dilettante factory

Hello, darlings, and welcome to my garage sale (how delightfully tacky!) of ideas that have been kicking around my head taking up valuable space. (I contend that perhaps it’s them rattling around that is giving me this awful headache today.)

And so, I’m ridding myself of them. Putting them out on the lawn with a big FREE sign attached to them.


1. A revenge/black comedy idea of a man who finds out his wife’s having an affair with their dentist, and on the morning that he goes in to see the dentist to get his teeth cleaned (as a subterfuge to confront him about the affair) he makes sure to eat a big bag of popcorn before he goes in. Hilarity ensues.



2. A ironic tale of a suspicious and greedy wine collector who, when the war that threatens to end everything breaks out, barricades himself in…

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13 responses to “Story Ideas You Can Have For Free – Courtesy of Your Favourite Dilettante

  1. I have one that I’ll never use, but I’m not sure its Jessica’s style – youth military academy, scientists testing new drugs, things go very badly, a kid dies, undercover investigator has to go in, the whole rotten thing implodes. It’s either that or a supernatural type story of the Egyptian God-wives thing that’s half-formed and floating in my head! 🙂

    • AK-CHEWALLY….. the Egyptian thing kind of intrigues me – specifically the mummification process — what was the purpose of mummification? To preserve the body for the afterlife. What if — (and this might be too big) instead of just taking the organs out, they replaced them with mechanical organs — gears, etc… to effectively create some sort of anima after death? (Just thinking out loud)
      Could always write a mummy tale, sans Abbott and Costello.

  2. I have one about a crazy old south african lady who kidnaps a beautiful young woman and steals her teeth…

      • The suggestion so far was that the girl wakes up in a bath of ice with all her teeth gone, but I think this has been done already…but yes – an evil, sextagenarian tooth fairy who steals teeth from youngsters to put into the mouths of the elderly, so they can eat REAL FOOD again.

  3. Unless you can take a plastic barrier that hobbles the engine on a 777 and turn it into a horror story about the Matrix, how part of the plane took off and part stayed behind in some twist of weirdness, and how the doomed people on the version that took off handled the situation or could pick people left behind to unknowingly switch places……..this is getting garbled…….I’m very tired………otherwise, I’ve got nothing.

  4. Sally returns from the hospital after having her appendix removed, only to discover she now has the strange urge to eat human flesh. She notices she also does not have to, but is the allure of addiction too sweet? And is the role of the appendix actually to stop people from being cannibals? Only Jessica knows, am afraid 😛

    • That’s actually really tempting. And so many different ways to play it — has she lost all composure and is ravenous about it, or completely civilized and composed? (ie. does she attack people in alleys and tear out their flesh, or does she take them home and cook them up?)
      This might be a winner.

      • Thats why I liked the idea for offering, because you can take it anywhere. Right now, I am thinking about it and thinking about cigarettes. I used to smoke 1 cigarette in 3 days… then 5 a day…. then a pack a day…. then I quitted…. then I realised I don’t actually want to quit so I started smoking again, I liked the habit. There’s so many ways to go, and the urge is bodily too. So, strolling next to a butchers shop or being among people who constantly sweat,like a dancing party, might awake her hunger and sences. Or maybe she just discovers she actualy likes killing people and now has a perfect excuse 🙂
        I was thinking that later she is completely composed and starts observing what happened to her as an improvement, she is no longer a mere human, she is something above, top of the top of the food chain.

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