Dream 45s – Songs for a Saturday

Here’s another edition of that game to play with your musically inclined friends, or just fellow audiophiles.

Basically, it’s about creating tiny little playlists. Back in the dark ages before mp3s, CDs, and the dreaded cassette, bands would release singles on something called a 45 (so called because it had to spin faster than an LP, at 45 revolutions per minute vs 33-1/3rpm)

But anyway, that’s just a tiny little history lesson. The important part is, the actual single would go on the A side, and then on the B-side, the band would usually put a song that wasn’t going on the album.

Penny and I came up with the idea of creating dream A-side/B-side combinations, with all the rules out the window when it came to matching the artist.

So I’d pick a song, any song, and then Penny would pick a song — by anyone, from any era — that complimented it well as a B-side.

Squeeze – Black Coffee in Bed b/w Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Pulp – Common People b/w Joe Jackson – Steppin’ Out

Tool – Sober b/w King Crimson – Vrooom Vrooom

Fleetwood Mac – Walk a Thin Line b/w The Decemberists – Dear Avery

Buffalo Springfield – Mr. Soul b/w Wilco – I’m the Man Who Loves You


8 responses to “Dream 45s – Songs for a Saturday

  1. Some delights here πŸ˜€ I particularly enjoyed learning a little more about Squeeze (cos I looked them up after I realised that they’d also made a song I adore).

    Interesting choice in Pulp. I like them but from a distance, and was always more of a fan of Blur.

    So…to join in, just because i think these go rather well together (in my playlists, anyway)

    Squeeze: Heaven knows A/B Blur: Tender
    Nirvana: All Apologies A/B Philospher Kings Everyone’ll Let You Down
    Tommy James: Mony Mony A/B Dave Edmunds: I hear you knocking

  2. I am in heaven with the Common People / Stepping’Out combo. Love the Pulp song, but that Joe Jackson song really tapped into something for me…not sure what, even to this day…but wow, a 1-2 punch.

    Lovely as pudding. πŸ™‚

  3. I went for the Tool tack first of all, I’d never listened to Tool, but I love Perfect Circle great track.

    For some reason I found myself drawn to Decemberists – Dear Avery as well.

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