Sometimes You Win…

Yesterday I tried something. I took a week off (well, mostly) and promised that I’d come back with a big story. I had high expectations for it, and was thrilled that Lizzi and Sara (no e, no h) had enthusiastically been willing to share parts two and three. I had hoped that, by posting the story over three blogs, to give the story the biggest audience possible.

Well, sometimes you win some, and sometimes you fail spectacularly!

Thank you so much to you regular readers (all 10-ish of you) who read Postcards from California yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it.

I still think the story deserves an audience, and am wondering if maybe the format it was presented in was a problem.

So I’ve remedied that situation.

coverI’ve created an e-book of Postcards from California (in its entirety), and it’s now on Goodreads HERE — and I’ve made it available there to download — where it says GET A COPY, you can click on DOWNLOAD EBOOK and download the short story for FREE (Yes, darlings, for FREE). Now you can read it at your leisure, in the bath, by the pool, on the moon.

If you do like it, please rate and/or review it.

Thanks again to Lizzi and Sara.



16 responses to “Sometimes You Win…

  1. Helana, it was a great story and I read every bit of it, but I wasn’t sure where to comment. I wasn’t sure you’d see it on the other two blogs and I forgot to come back to this one to leave a comment.

    I’m sorry.

    • Oh, pshaw (is that how you spell that?). I was just hoping to gain some new readers, like I did with the story at Valentine’s day. Time to inject some new blood, as it were. I just feel bad for poor Lizzi — she’s always got a lively discussion going on on her blog, and if you go to Part Two of my story on her blog, you can see tumbleweeds blowing by.

  2. Dear Helena
    What a great story. The trouble is I speed read,so there must be lovely parts that I have missed, to make amends I fully intend to read it again later this evening.

    You’re so clever, I fully intended to make an e-book of some of my stories, but that’s as far as I have got -good intentions as I haven’t a clue how to do it. But back to your book…

    Perfect title and a great writing style, some great observations and utterly believable dialogue. For me, it’s one of the best things you have written.

    A bientot


    • Hi Dee,

      Thank you so much for reading, darling. I hope you enjoy it the second time around when you can relax and read.
      Incidentally, if you ever want to put together an e-book, let me know. My only stipulation would be that it’s already edited to how you want it, and I could turn something around for you in an evening. Let me know if you’re ever interested.


      • Dear Helena
        The second read-through was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would really like more postcards, please.
        Thank you so so much for your kind offer of help with an e-book, one day you may get an email…


  3. I haven’t finished it so this is good to know. Been busy with the old man’s 60th “Over the Hill” birthday party fixings and baking a black velvet cake.

      • All red velvet cake has cocoa in it, but I found black food coloring instead of red. It is my grandmother’s recipe. I am having to be careful not to burn it though and test it with toothpicks to see if it’s done. I could easily have it black for the wrong reasons.

  4. I read the whole thing in one shot. Jumped from one to the other. Loved it – deep and emotional and touching. I identified with much of Maya’s character, even though we are nothing alike on the externals. But the idea of seeking our life’s path, our raison d’être, is something I get. And very well written too 🙂

    Like TD, I just didn’t know where to comment as well, so glad you revisited here. The e-book is a great idea. I too apologize if my lack of commentary came across as a lack of interest.


  5. The notification for the first part is starred in my inbox so it doesn’t disappear – I don’t have time to read substantial stuff during the week but I’m getting to it!

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