I’ll Send You A Postcard

Do you remember Valentine’s Day? When I wrote a story called “I Know Very Well How I Got My Name”. It was a two-parter, and both parts got Freshly Pressed (Thank you; thank you very much). Hell, many of you are here now because of that story, and I’m so glad you are. Thanks for sticking around.

Well, I’m going away for a bit. Just a week, darlings, no need for the anxiety attack — leave those to me. I just have to recharge my batteries – go dream it all up again. But don’t worry — I’ll send you a postcard.

coverWhen I return, on May 1st, I’m bringing you a story that you’re not going to want to miss. It will start here, continue on Considerings, hosted by Lizzi Rogers and finish off on Sara Litchfield’s Right Ink on the Wall

All three posts will go live more or less simultaneously, across the time zones (Canada, England and New Zealand!) so there will be no waiting for the next part of the tale.

It’s a very special story flashing back to the California Years.

Maya’s was a voice that I had long forgotten, but when I received a package full of years worth of postcards from her, the whirlwind friendship, along with the memories, both good and bad, came flooding back. What does Maya have to say for herself after all these years, and how will it affect me?

Come back on May 1st to find out.

Take care of yourselves until we meet again, darlings.



10 responses to “I’ll Send You A Postcard

  1. I do remember those stories as that is how I came to know you. Sure, we crossed paths at FF, but that story dug it’s nails into me and made me a permanent fixture. Enjoy your time and I look forward to hearing about Maya. I can’t wait actually. Hugs. Xx

  2. I did follow after I saw your post on Aussa’s blog, but I somehow missed part 2. I just figured you hadn’t published it yet. I’ll check it out now.

  3. See you in a week, Helena! Just letting you know my entry to the Honorary Dilettante Contest is getting posted tomorrow but no need to check it out until you return, wordpress is not going anywhere 😀 Enjoy your break!

  4. I highly recommend taking time off. I just did and it was definitely the break I needed. Although it does sound like you’ll still be writing, writing, writing 😉

  5. I remember both, but I’m reading them again. I was thinking of you all week, and considering sending you a note… just saying “how are you?” Life can get crazy, fast. Two FPs is just awesome, Helena! A giant Mazel, and double air kisses to each cheek. Enjoy your time off; sometimes it’s all that will help. Bon voyage!

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