Come Dancing

Well, I suppose the old adage “Be careful what you wish for” should be adhered to at all costs, darlings, because my post Will Guest Post For Food garnered enough attention and requests to keep me quite busy for some time!

Which is, as an ex-con named Martha is wont to say, a good thing.

(Do you think Martha got ink in the joint?)

Anyhow, the dance has begun, and the first name on my dance card is one of my favourite people, J.S. Collyer, who invited me to write on her blog by typing one cryptic word: BEANS.

To find out what that’s all about, CLICK HERE.

Come dancing, darlings. Or invite your favourite dilettante to cut a rug. I’m sure I’ve still got a few openings.


11 responses to “Come Dancing

  1. Cool, Helena on tour!
    Guess what else is cool? My book and postcards were waiting on my doormat when I got home this evening, all personalised and whatnot! All the way over here in England. Thank you 🙂

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