Will Guest Post for Food

writeWhile I’m fighting with Writing, would some of you be willing to help me out by giving me something to write about?

Let me know if I can fill in a space somewhere on your blog.

That’s all.

It’s not like I’m not writing anything at all. But I think I just need some motivation.

I’m crashing a bit after the whole book launch thing, and I’m not one to just rest (rest? what’s that?)

So let me know, darlings. You know where to find me.


52 responses to “Will Guest Post for Food

  1. I’d be happy to host a guest post whenever you want. Best time is probably after the 15th when my blog tour is over. As for a topic, can you write about your experience with Kickstarter and any advice you have about using it? Can be totally humorous if you want too.

  2. Loveliest Helena, it would be a delight to host/post you whenever you wished! I would seek essays/stories on hope – theme open to interpretation, dark & light welcome. I’m also always open to essays/stories around the idea or image of ‘the right ink on the wall’ (read my post ‘what’s in a name’ (http://rightinkonthewall.com/?s=what%27s+in+a+name) for my take on that & write away on whatever vision the phrase gives you, whatever tickles you – I’d be so thrilled to have you & I’ve never had a guest poster before!!!

  3. I’d love to host you with anything, anytime, but ideas I have in my head are hard to decipher for offering (right now, I am seeing a pink flamingo waving a gun around and swearing on Shakespear, not understanding I need to finish the stew, not write damn poetry.)
    I would love to host you as Jessica as well, that’s it, if you untie her and let her out 🙂

  4. You can always contribute to my blog. Always welcome to. (I never knew how those things worked.)

    If you are looking for something to write about, go to a cafe and write about what you see, especially people and interactions. It works well if you’re outside.

  5. You are always welcome to post on my blog. It would be an honor to have you. Not fussy about subject, but if you need a prompt try “The best piece of fiction you heard from the mouth of a human.”

  6. I think Charles’ suggestion about a Kickstarter post is excellent. A lot of people will be interested in that. I’d be happy to host a guest post from you but I do have some time constraints. I’ll send you an email.

  7. If you’d like to rite something on the subject of music, maybe what inspires you, or perhaps a sardonic takedown of music you hate, I’d be happy to give you space.

      • You’re more than welcome! As is Penelope, if she has any interest.

        (So you know, I’ve publicly trashed Leonard Cohen and 80s music, and taken some lovely entertaining lumps for it.)

      • Well then. I think we’ll be fine. I’m just morally opposed (as in, I get righteously angry) at so-called “sampling” a la Puff Daddy, or M.I.A. or Kanye or Jessica Simpson — where they take a pre-recorded song and sing something completely different over top like some sort of mix and match karaoke. It used to be called plagiarism.

  8. Seeking guest bards for May…interested? – my ‘other’ self : welltemperedbards.blogspot.co.uk

    Will pay with cake

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  10. It appears I am late to the party. 😀
    I’ve always been a fan, and it’d be an honor to have your work on my blog.
    If you find the time, a short story perhaps? I am awed by your imagination, and I’d love to see it run free.

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