The Books, They Are A-Rriving

Come gather ’round darlings, wherever you be

And see what I got from my friend, sweet Marie

It’s evidence plain that you can clearly see

A picture of what I’m describing

So keep checking your mailbox, most expectantly

For the Books, They Are A-Rriving…

Photo on 4-8-14 at 9.53 PM #2


* With thanks to Bob Dylan and Marie Ann Bailey


28 responses to “The Books, They Are A-Rriving

  1. You know, I really didn’t expect to see my eyes staring back at me at the top of my Facebook news feed this morning. What a hoot! I’m still can’t stop smiling šŸ™‚ I love the postcards too!

  2. ywHAAAAAAT! No teleportation yet? Get cracking on the next Kickstarter for some of THOSE apples, cherie!

    *sets up camp on the doormat, hoping the book will fall on her head one sweet day*

  3. OMG. Have you seen the cat-bearding trend? Where you stick your cat below your face etc. etc. and it looks like you have cat face? Positioned just right (with book held out at a distance) the same thing could be done with your new book.
    New trend.
    Alert Buzzfeed.

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