Honourary Dilettante Contest

It’s time for fun and prizes, darlings!

On April 1st, my book, Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One was released, after a very successful Kickstarter campaign that took pre-orders and offered personalized copies of the book.

book cover

The paperback is now available HERE

Memoirs of a Dilettante

The eBook is now available HERE

The pre-ordered books have all shipped, and should arrive soon.

And now it’s time to show your love by sharing your experiences with the world!

2014 is the new Summer of Love, darlings – all summer long when you show your love for your favourite dilettante (that would be moi, darlings) you’ll have a chance to win some fabulous prizes.

But what do we have to do?

So glad you asked, darling! What you have to do is be creative — and take some pictures. Or videos. Or write reviews.

1. Take a picture of you with your copy of Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One — if you’re camera shy like me, you might choose to be creative with this. Seriously, darlings – extra points for the most creative entries — but you’ll be sending them all direct to me, so I’ll be screening anything that’s less than tasteful — please don’t embarrass my inbox.

2. For the extra daring and creative people: Send me a video of you reading your favourite passage from the book — or just doing your very best Helena or Penny impression — we’d love to hear what you think we sound like – oh, and bonus points for appropriate costume/attire. (Note: I REALLY hope someone or ones does this. Maybe some of you will have to pair up to do this.)

3. Write a review (or reviews) on Amazon for Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One. Or for The Best Medicine. Or for Three Cigarettes.

Don’t forget to add your review to Goodreads HERE

The Best Medicine    Cover

But what are you going to give us for doing this?

1) I’ll blow each and every one of you a kiss.

2) Everyone who sends in a picture, a video, or sends me a link to their review will get a special thank you gift from me — it’s a surprise, but you’ll love it darlings, never fear.

3) At the end of the contest, (August 31st) I’ll be choosing the top three entries — criteria might be: creativity, quantity (for example, someone who reviewed all three works, and send in a photo and a video) or sheer shameless promotion. Impress me, darlings, and you’ll have a chance to win one of the following prizes:

3rd prize: A custom T-shirt featuring the design from the book cover (art by Ros Webb) (winner will help by choosing colour, size and style of shirt)


2nd prize: A custom T-shirt featuring artwork by Dana Thomas (winner will help by choosing colour, size and style of shirt)

Sketch 2014-02-02 09_20_29

1st prize: The grand prize will include: Both T-Shirts, a personalized copy of Memoirs of a Dilettante to keep for yourself or give to a friend, and a guest post on your blog – written either as Helena or as Jessica B. Bell — your choice.

The contest runs from April 1st to August 31st, so you have lots of time to get creative.

But where do we send the photos, videos and reviews, Helena?


Subject line: Honourary Dilettante Contest

Please be sure to include all pertinent information — you know — NAME, website, etc…

Special thanks to those who have already written reviews. Watch your email for my thank you gift!

Legal: By sending your photos or videos, you give permission for me to use them for promotional purposes for this contest ONLY. I will not use your images outside of the context of this contest.

NOTE: I am a whimsical woman, darlings. If someone sends me something truly wonderful and/or outrageous, I may be so inclined to hand out prizes throughout the duration of the contest in addition to the eventual end prizes. This won’t disqualify anyone from the running at the end.

Furthermore, if I get enough really good entries, I may just have to open up the decision to a poll.

I look forward to seeing all your entries, darlings!


25 responses to “Honourary Dilettante Contest

  1. Ohhhhh GOODY 😀 *rubs hands together gleefully* I hope the post to the UK is a speedy one. I’ll start getting my thinking cap on.

  2. I’ve aready taken a shot of me reading Memoirs minus the actual book…it’s just not the same…I’ll wait for the book to arrive.

  3. I’m not a fan of competitions, especially when women are involved. I’m always second runner.

    Pictures of myself. I’m not much of a selfie taker, and when I do it’s out of spite or it has to be creative… i.e. the creepy one I took the other day isn’t bad.

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