Do It Anyway

I’m sick. Can’t get out of bed, in the way that anxiety & depression is crippling me today.

Don’t worry, darlings — I’m off to see the doctor this afternoon.

So this video is as much for me as it is for you. I won’t try to say anymore, I’ll let Ben handle this one.

If I don’t respond to email or comments, I’m not dead, I’m just pining for the Fjords. Resting. All tired out after a long squawk.


21 responses to “Do It Anyway

  1. I do not “like” that you are not well, however that darned button is part-and-parcel to the ‘hey, I read this and I’m here’ thing. I hope you are feeling better soon (and I can’t wait to watch those videos when I get home).

  2. Hope you feel better soon…a book arrived in the mail this afternoon that has definately lifted my spirits…squeeeee I can’t wait to dive in ! ❤

  3. Hey, dear friend, hope you feel better soon. I’m sure (I hope) you’re just exhausted. You’ve definitely earn a holiday off the grid. Just want you to have that holiday in good health. Thinking of you! Hugs!

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