Check Your Email, Darlings

I’ll get to a thank you post soon enough, darlings, but right now, I have one and only one message for anyone who backed my SUCCESSFUL KICKSTARTER project for MEMOIRS OF A DILETTANTE VOLUME ONE


We need your response in order to process your reward.

(Don’t make me start tagging you…)

That means the book, darlings.

Even if you know I already have your email address (or perhaps even your mailing address in some cases) — Jim doesn’t, and he’s the one handling all the “paperwork” on this (Thank you Jim!)

Please respond to the Kickstarter survey.

If for some reason you haven’t received anything in your email, or you accidentally deleted it, or your dog ate your computer, then get in touch with ME directly through this post.

Oh, and one more thing.



30 responses to “Check Your Email, Darlings

  1. I filled it in, but it didnt let me use cyrilic characters. You can send by typing that, they know its foreigners sending stuff, but I can also send the modified, proper char version.

  2. I am feeling ridiculously pleased with myself that I already did this … and may have stayed up to an hour I won’t mention here, listening to happy music and reading my e-copy of the Memoirs. Congratulations on an excellent campaign, Helena.

    • Yes but in your case specifically there are questions about what kind of story you want me to write. Do you want me to write a hell of a story or a Jessica story and do you have any suggestions or do you want just want to leave it up to me. Feel free to answer me here and I can send the info as far as your address and whatnot over to Jim

  3. Hi Helena, I have not seen any message regarding the kick starter other than this one. Thanks, Dave Liggett

    • Awesome! It’s actually going really well — there’s only a handful of people left to hear back from — the problem is I don’t recognize a couple of the names (because I probably know them as things like curvyroads or something! ha ha!)
      I hope you’re enjoying it! Keep tuned for some fun contest-type stuff!

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