Crazy Helena’s 24 Hour March Madness Event (AKA – This Baby’s Coming Whether You Like it or Not!)

Yes, darlings.

It’s come to this.

Let’s recap, shall we, the decent into shamelessness.

FIrst, there was the declaration – The People’s Republic of Helena where I laid it all out for you and told you what you were getting into.

Then came the INTERVIEWS and the many cover reveals and thank yous.

Somewhere along the line I desperately tried getting Amanda Palmer’s attention, and then Jim’s basement flooded with shit and I had to turn to celebrity endorsements.

The SHAMELESSNESS of it all!

You’ll recall we had Stewie Griffin say a few words, and then Harry Potter dropped by, but not before I completely debased myself and showed you a video clip of my Shaved Wet Pussy in order to try to grab your attention.

I made a Last Call, and some of you out there are still wondering what I’m going to do next.

Well, wonder no more, darlings.

It’s EVERYTHING MUST GO time here at Casa de Hann-Basquiat.

Right now we are at 49 backers and $1349.

So here’s the deal.

The 50th backer (who orders a personalized copy) will also receive handwritten story notes (yeah, I’m old school, darlings — I often scribble ideas on the backs of napkins, etc… (this may also contain dilettante DNA — I must make a caveat that absolutely NO cloning be allowed). (As of 6pm E.S.T. this is still available)

Still available to the next personalized pre-order

A $50 pledge will not only get you the personalized book, the postcards, and e-books, but will also get you a personalized Mix CD — a sort of soundtrack to the Memoirs if you will — and I’ll even design album art like it was 1998 all over again.

The lucky backer who pushes us over the $1500 mark will receive a 15 minute phone call from either Penny or myself — it could be you!

Spread this around and pay attention to Twitter @hhbasquiat for random incentives over the next 24 hours.

Use the hashtag #HelenaHB and every time you do you’ll be entered into a draw for a special prize, winner to be announced after 3pm E.S.T. on Saturday March 22nd.

Pre-order now while you still can!


9 responses to “Crazy Helena’s 24 Hour March Madness Event (AKA – This Baby’s Coming Whether You Like it or Not!)

    • I almost wish I’d thought of it at the beginning — but then, I think I’d run into legal ramifications offering what is essentially copyrighted material on Kickstarter. Informally, I can get away with it.
      (Incidentally, this is my defense if I ever get dragged before a judge for downloading music — Seriously, your honour? You never made a mix tape for your girlfriend/boyfriend?)
      I’ll go to jail for contempt, sure, but Penny’s got a foolproof escape plan, she assures me. Better than the paper mache dinosaur, I hope.

  1. Sigh, now you throw in the phone call! Just so you know I actually ordered the books instead of the ebook version even though I haven’t read out of a book for years! Cause your that special! I have no doubt your going to pull this off!

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