A Song For When You’re Feeling Sorry For Yourself

The World is Full of Crashing Bores – Morrissey

Sorry, darlings — I don’t think I’m going to be doing a musical revue today — it’s been a hell of a week — busy busy busy.

Was listening to this album on the drive home yesterday and nearly had to pull over for the tears. Just having a moment. It’s not just lyrics like:

This world is full, So full of crashing bores
And I must be one, ‘Cos no one ever turns to me to say
Take me in your arms, Take me in your arms, And love me

It’s Morrissey’s delivery, and his voice, so full of melancholy, yet so beautiful.

Please take the time to take someone in your arms today and show them some love. Even if it’s just a hug.


26 responses to “A Song For When You’re Feeling Sorry For Yourself

  1. This is beautiful and now my woman is broken and I need to hide the tears before the husband starts shoving chocolate at me in some effort to “fix the leak”.

  2. And this is why is is one of the greatest lyricists. Ever. I’ve been on a Smith’s kick, and a friend of mine made me a little something that I have yet to pick up. When I do, I’ll be bragging about it and where people can pick up their own.

    You are definitely not a bore.

      • That’s awesome. How many times have you seen him?

        It’s tough consider what is better: having Morrissy or Daft Punk play at one’s own house. Since both play drastically different music, their impact would/could equal.

      • Oh, I mean just seeing Morrissey live is like having Daft Punk play at my house.

        Sadly, this is my first successful chance to see him — you’ll recall that he refuses to play Canada, and the last time he came around upstate NY was right around the time that by sister Cheryl and her husband Ted died (sorry to be a killjoy) and before that I just always seemed to miss him. I’ve actually had tickets to three different Radiohead shows and have still yet to see them. (Twice the show was cancelled at the last minute and once I was sick in the hospital).

      • Good gravy. I hope this year is full of concerts that aren’t cancelled for you. Do you have Radiohead tix?

        Last night “Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors” (Radiohead) cane on through the ol’ iPod, and boy is that song fun to play while snow is lightly falling around you. I don’t do drugs, but it was hypnotic and offered a whole other level of tranquility.

      • I didn’t realize they were touring again this summer. Does this mean a new album? I absolutely hated King of Limbs until I saw them perform it Live from the Basement, when I gained 100x more respect for them than I already had. I assumed it was just all Thom Yorke fiddling on his keyboard — to see that they actually played everything (all that amazing percussion) blew my mind. Amnesiac is one of those albums (like many of theirs) that I play all the way through, listen to the last track 7 or 8 times, and then start the album all over again.
        Here’s something you’ve probably never heard (I generally loathe this guy on principal because of what the music industry has turned him into, but here’s the exception)

      • Mayer should have said a “fuck you” to the corporate industry years ago, but he rounded himself out to be a greedy shit bag, who is essentially a womanizer. It’s a shame, because he has talent.

        Another favorite Radiohead cover is bounds away from its original, but I love Citizen Cope, who isn’t corporate. It’s cool to listen to him play it acoustic, but here is the studio version.

    • Sometimes, darling… sometimes. For that, I usually listen to The Cure, though — however, that internal conversation usually goes like this:
      “Sigh… nobody will ever love me with this kind of passion… ”
      Twenty minutes later
      “Oh god… he’s obsessed…”
      Twenty minutes later
      “Thank god nobody will ever love me with that kind of crazy obsession. He’s psychotic.”

  3. Beautiful song! Thank you for introducing me to Morrissey. Yeah, I’d never heard anything by them before! Can we blame it on my birth year? But THANK YOU.

    Off to hug the shit outta everyone near me 🙂

    • Just been a rough couple o’ days — I think it’s just exhaustion. I’m terribly excited about the success of the Kickstarter. I reckon if I can get the attention of the fence-sitters today I might crack $1500 by tomorrow. I just need ONE more person to pledge to hit 50 pledges, at which point the next 10 names will be published. (Also, I’ll be excited).

  4. I got four pussies I can hug … but they generally don’t like to be hugged 😉 Ok, enough silliness. Great song. Thanks for putting it up, Helena. And big virtual hugs to you!

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