21 Things That I Irrationally Love (Except Irrational is Such an Ugly Word — There’s Nothing Irrational About My Obsessions — er… Loves)

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, darlings, and so Jackie, Aussa, Samara, Beth, Angelle — consider yourselves flattered (and don’t they say that flattery will get you everywhere? RAWR).

My List is as follows, and is likely in no particular order, except of course the first one:


Some people like music, darlings, but I love music. I eat it for breakfast, second-breakfast, elevensies, lunch, tea, snack, dinner, dessert, and for my midnight snack. I roll around in music naked and do naughty things with it. I lap up every note and make porno-bedroom eyes and demand more. I could have just made a list of 21 albums I irrationally love, or 21 artists, or 21 great lyrics. When I listen to music, I devour it, soaking in the history of it, spotting references like a wine connoisseur can detect hints of cherry, leather, or chocolate, and can tell you what vintage they’re drinking. I am a music snob — but I like a bit of everything. I can enjoy a GOOD piece of bubblegum as well as a thick, complicated bit of prog steak. I have a particular weakness for tragic or angsty singers — Jeff Buckley, Morrissey, Robert Smith of The Cure, Trent Reznor of NIN. As I get older, I find that I miss old analogue recording processes — the digital age has brought with it a certain loss of respect for the idea of getting it right in the studio, and so what results on the radio is something that sounds so overproduced that you lose that amazing musicianship that used to be present when people had to get it right before they called it a day. Okay, I’m going to stop now. Could just go on all day about music.

2. Scooby-Doo

Don’t judge me, darlings — I love Scooby-Doo. The ’60s and ’70s stuff, anyway. I’ve tried to go back and watch some of its other incarnations, and they just don’t do it for me the way the originals did.

HOWEVER — the latest version — Mystery Incorporated — is absolutely brilliant! I think it’s because it’s being done by the same people who did that great BATMAN cartoon. It’s full of pop culture references that are purely for adults — including an episode where, no kidding, darlings — they spoof Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground & Nico, complete with a parody version of All Tomorrow’s Parties (see — MUSIC!) and get this (SPOILERS!): Lou Reed ends up being the villain. Seriously. Lou Reed as a Scooby Doo Villain. How amazing is that? (It’s Season Two Episode Six in case you need to see this — and believe me, darlings — you do.)

3. Concept Albums

No, it’s not the same as MUSIC. Well, it is, but indulge me. I absolutely LOVE concept albums — that is, an album that is actually one piece of music — like a rock opera, or just something with recurring themes. My favourites (in no particular order) Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Genesis’ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood, Marillion’s Brave, The Decemberists’ The Tain, The Decemberists’ Hazards of Love, The Who’s Quadrophenia, The Who’s Tommy, Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Jethro Tull’s Thick as a Brick, Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, The Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown, Green Day’s American Idiot, Sufjan Stevens’ Come on Feel the Illinoise, The Violet Burning’s Story of Our Lives. Honorable Mentions: The Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Ben Folds Five’s Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner

4. Indian Food

I love curry. Lamb vindaloo, Sag Paneer, Biryani, Channa Masala, Naan… these words are like foreplay when whispered in my ear. I love the tingle on my lips as I challenge my spice tolerance. I love tearing apart fresh Naan in my hands and sopping up every last bit of sauce on the plate.

5. Apple Products

Sigh. Not an endorsement, and nobody’s paid me to say so, but I loves me some iAnythings. I have entirely way too many iProducts and iShouldprobablybuystock.

6. Graphic Novels/Comic books

Not quite as passionate as I once was (don’t get me started on how DC’s New52 has completely ruined superheroes for me), I enjoy a good comic book — I tend to gravitate to the arty, intellectual stuff — not REALLY much for the tights and big boobs/impossible physiques stuff. Favourite writers: Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Mike Mignola, Bill Willingham, Neil Gaiman — and Brian Michael Bendis – especially his Daredevil run. I’d say Frank Miller, but honestly, the man has COMPLETELY ruined any goodwill he had with me. How do you go from being so brilliant with Daredevil’s Born Again and The Dark Knight Returns and Ronin — and then so completely wash out?

Favourite ever: The Sandman. As evidenced by:


7. Books in General

I have over 1,000 e-books. Not that I’ll ever get around to reading them all. But it’s not e-books that I’m talking about. I’m talking about physical books — I love the feel of them, the smell of them, the taste of them as I chew on a corner of a leatherbound book — okay, I don’t do that — but it’s tempting. I love the look of them on my many bookshelves. If I ever won the lottery I would buy a big old Victorian with a turret, and in that rounded room I would build a library so tall that I had to have a ladder on rollers, and I would swing around the room admiring my books like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. (It’s true, darlings — bitches love libraries).

8. Greyhounds

No, not the bus. Not the racing dog. The drink. Vodka and grapefruit juice, although, technically, I suppose mine’s a Pink Greyhound, as I use ruby red grapefruit juice for mine.

9. Random digressions

Long before Family Guy popularized the random cut-away, I would slip into random digressions, both in my writing and in everyday speech.

It’s true, The Countess Penelope of Arcadia, which is somewhere near London circa 1887 confirmed, iss loik she can’t ‘elp ‘erself it is. Blimey and such. Might you ‘ave the price of an ‘ot cuppa, gov’ner? I’m ever so cold. They frew me ‘outta the work ‘ouses, they did, for causin’ a ruckus. All I did was flash me knickers at the soup lady, wot everybody knows goes for the ladies, she does. I was ‘opin’ ta get meself a bit of extra meat in me broth. They called me a tart, can you believe it, your lordship?

But I digress, darlings. I do that. I fucking LOVE doing that.

10. American Beauty/Fight Club

I am obsessive about these two movies — particularly in the examination of them as Yin/Yang of each other thematically and philosophically. Watch them back to back sometime and tell me that you don’t see that at the heart of these films lies the same message, albeit presented from opposite sides of the spectrum: Until you accept that one day you are going to die, you never start living.

If you ever do watch these back to back, darlings (and trust me, you really should) pay special attention to this (I could write a THESIS on this) – The Couch as a metaphor for empty materialism and spiritual emptiness. BOTH movies have this in it… how weird is that!

11. Two words: Ferris Bueller

My favourite. I frequently reference it in my writing, in my every day life, in professional emails. If I were a Catholic, I’d likely find some way to slip a Ferris quote into my confessions.

12. The Films of David Fincher

Fight Club of course, but he also did: Seven, The Game, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Zodiac, (Panic Room deserves a serious PASS as it’s his only stinker) and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

13. Stretching like a Cat

I’ll often spend fifteen minutes or more stretching in bed like a cat when I wake up, and sometimes I even make purring, rowring noises as I do it.

14. Coffee

Ob. Sessed. Coffee is like music — I am a connoisseur. I like trying different coffees (not flavoured shit) to get the subtle different flavours that come from different regions. Favourites: Sumatrans, Kenya blend from Starbucks (if brewed correctly, has real hints of grapefruit) and Verona, again from Starbucks (chocolate hints).

15. Binge watching on Netflix

I absolutely HATE watching shows one week at a time. Life’s too short, and there’s so many good things to watch — also, I learned my lesson from LOST — I wasted six years of my life watching that show, and I’ll not do it again. SO — I wait until a series is finished before I watch it, and let someone else tell me whether it’s worth watching or not — and then I BINGE on it on Netflix, watching the entire series in a couple weeks. Most recent: Breaking Bad.

16. Pancakes

I love pancakes. I put peanut butter on them, and then maple syrup. If there’s bacon on the side, that’s even better (the bacon oils and peanut oils together is like a party in your mouth).

17. Driving for the sake of going for a drive

I confess I did this a lot more when I could fill my tank for $18, and now that it’s three times that much, I’m a lot more hesitant. But I love going for a drive, particularly if there’s somewhere beautiful to drive (again, not so much where I’m living right now) and blasting music.

18. Sneaky sex

Okay, the admission. I like having sex in places where there’s that fear of getting caught. In a room full of people. In a movie theatre. On a bus (long trip one time). On the beach in full view of other beachcombers.

19. Hiking in woods

After pancakes, it’s a good idea to get some physical activity in. I like getting away from the city and going for a hike among trees.

20. Hating Winter

It’s almost an Olympic sport for me. I have trained for it. I loathe winter so much, I’ve composed odes to how much I hate winter. I love to hate winter. It fills me with a warm glow.

21. Bantering

I love when I find someone that can keep up with me and my witty mind. I also love trying to stump people with esoteric references, and am doubly impressed when they can stump me.

22. Plugging other writers.

What? I’m not one for rules, darlings, so just bear with me. K.Z. Morano is coming out with a collection of 100 of her scariest tales, titled 100 Nightmares. Check out the cover reveal HERE

If you’ve got a list of your own, please share it, and link back!


61 responses to “21 Things That I Irrationally Love (Except Irrational is Such an Ugly Word — There’s Nothing Irrational About My Obsessions — er… Loves)

  1. Great list! I guess there is at least one more person besides me who could watch “American Beauty” weekly 😀
    I loved the new Scooby Doo, my favourite epissode was the one where Daphne joins the Hex Girls.

    • Season One is on Netflix, but I’m afraid you’ll have to download Season Two (which is the better series, too.) The great thing about it is that it has a running storyline, rather than just one off episodes.

  2. Gotta try that mixed drink at some point. I’m with you on the comics too, but I was a Marvel fan. Survived the Spider-Clone Saga to be rewarded by the return of a guy who was impaled through the chest in 1973. I tried to keep going, but then they just got worse and worse with my favorite character. I stay away to retain my childhood memories.

    • I was actually just laughing with someone the other day about the infamous Clone Saga — it got so convoluted, Marvel actually just buried and abandoned it at some point, unfinished.
      I prefer something with a beginning and an end these days… superhero stuff just goes ON AND ON AND ON….

      • It actually ended. They spent some time with a new Spider-Man and then finished the entire Clone Saga off with the ridiculous return of Norman Osborn. I agree that a beginning and end are great. I think that’s a weakness for superhero stories because they have no end. I got into Manga for the closure.

      • I heard they finally finished it. I enjoyed the Ultimates series for it’s sense of completeness — things only moved in one direction, everything was connected as one story, and when someone died, they stayed dead.

      • I am aware of Exiles, but when you said Exiles, I thought Runaways — now there was a good series, with great writers attached.. Brian K. Vaughan, Joss Whedon. Great concept, too — a bunch of kids who find out their parents are super-villains and want nothing to do with them.

      • I remember a little of that one. It was around the time I stopped due to money and feeling like Marvel betrayed me. Several of those characters are still around, I think.

      • Yes… and even Marvel abandoned Runaways…. I think they just cancelled it.
        For someone who loves mythologies like you, you should really be reading Hellboy — consistently good writing, self-contained, full of folk-tales and mythologies. Brilliant read.

      • Marvel seems to cancel a lot at times. Gotta give them credit for experimental stuff at times. Either that or not taking the hint. Not sure which it is. I read a little Hellboy. I got into Fables too.

      • I need to look through my old boxes and see if I have any other interesting ones. Like I said, I jumped to Manga for closure (usually) and it was a little easier to collect an entire series. Though, I still haven’t finished Fullmetal Alchemist, which is my favorite.

  3. 1. Music. I’m Married to writing, but I cheat with Music.
    2. Not a Scooby Doo lover, but anything that involves Andy Warhol is worth a second chance. Especially if Lou Reed is involved.
    3. Quadrophenia was a life changer for me.
    4. Indian food – yesss.
    10. American Beauty is probably on my top five list of movies.
    11. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
    14. Can’t life without coffeh. As discussed this very morning on FB.
    15. In my old blog, I was obsessed with Breaking Bad. The ONLY way to watch it is on a Netflix binge. What’s your favorite Jesse “bitch” moment?
    21. Bantering with you on Twitter makes my day, even if I can’t keep up. But I always try.

    • I love that you replied with specifics, darling. If you only watch that ONE Scooby Doo episode, it’ll be worth the 20 minutes of your life. Seriously, they have a Nico cartoon character singing indecipherable lyrics to the tune of All Tomorrow’s Parties.
      I was lucky enough to see The Who perform Quadrophenia about a year ago. Mind=Blown
      As I’ve only seen Breaking Bad once through, I cannot pinpoint a favourite “bitch” moment, but for valentine’s day this year, I handed out cards with Aaron Paul’s picture on it with a caption that read: “Yo, we got mad chemistry, bitch!”
      I live for banter. Keep trying. I’ll never look down at anyone for being unable to follow my brain’s insane tangents.

  4. My you are daring. On comics, imo, Frank Miller has always been overrated. I like your list. Not quite the love for music that you do, but I do like it. I think Netflix binge watching I do far tooooo much, lol.

    (Also you might get me to watch this Scooby Doo thing, lol)

    • I hear you about Frank Miller, except that daredevil born-again is probably my favorite comic book story of all time. I even splurged for the very pricey artists edition of it that recently came out.

  5. OH MY GOD. You just blew my mind with your point on American Beauty/Fight Club. I now NEED to watch them back to back.
    And music, music, music… life without music would be simply dull. And drudgery. And horror. I think I would shrivel up into a little ball without music.
    Oh and Helena… find yourself some locally roasted coffee… I guarantee you once you immerse yourself in te world of craft coffee, you will never go back. The flavor profiles are tremendous. Forget Starbucks. This stuff will BLOW YOUR MIND. Seriously, off with ye to find a craft coffee shop! If I knew which Canadian city you were in I’d go find one for you posthaste, but I don’t, so alas… you are on your own.

    • I actually go to a place called My Dog Joe — they have fair trade coffees that I adore… and then there’s a new place I’ve been hearing about that actually does their own roasting, so I’m going to check it out. I only mentioned the SBUX ones because people would be familiar with them.
      PLEASE follow up with me if you do watch American Beauty/Fight Club back to back — I’d love to hear your reaction/thoughts/things I may have missed.

    • Well you’ll be getting the books soon darling and then you’ll be hooked. I won’t be able to get rid of you then. You’ll just be hanging out at all hours and crashing on my couch, drinking all my booze and thumbing through all my books. Then there will come that awkward day where you bring your boyfriend over and he’ll hit on the in front of you and you and I will get into some catfight and then we’ll look at each other and long for the days when we only saw each other occasionally and then sooner or later one of us will be in the kitchen baking cookies for the other one. Then there’ll be that whole police investigation and then the story of our lives will turn into a Shirley Jackson novel.
      You know when I put it like that it doesn’t sound so bad. You want to come over for tea?

  6. I’m going to ignore the fact that your obsession with music and movies colored multiple entries. And that you are way cooler then I am. I like Hannah have to look things up you reference from time to time. Though I’m not admitting how often (BTW the two of you slay me when you volley back n forth). As far as music, Scooby Doo, movies, Indian food, Apple products, comic books, real books, greyhounds, the random digressions of the Dilettante, coffee, random driving, bantering and plugging artists I am your kindred spirit (Movie/book reference?) Does your eclectic music taste involve any Bollywood? (A secret fetish of mine though I deny it to most people). Would you date Scooby or Shaggy? Oh and my favorite comic series was Elfquest despite the big boobs.

    • How did I miss this? Well, thank you for indulging my overlaps. Again, I could have just listen 21 films as well. Many of them starring Brad Pitt for some reason — not because he’s the Brad Pitt of men, but because he ends up in some great movies.
      Bollywood… er… can’t say I share that fetish, darling. Is dating Scooby legal? I do remember Elfquest! Ha!

      • I don’t know if it’s legal but most people only date their pets. Curling up on the couch with your cat instead of a dinner date out with Joe seems to increasingly becoming the new normal. So I suppose it would be similar.

  7. Quite the list you have here, my dear. Wow… and pancakes… I was talking about pancakes today, for some unknown reason. There was a (fun) debate on some blue-and-while-logo-ed social media branch, and it got serious at one point. Wanting to slow the pace down, I chimed in and said that it was like debating varieties of pancakes; everyone has their own preference, and that depends on the day.

    Kudos to pancakes.

  8. I was going to say: if you like Greyhound buses, you must be masochistic. 🙂 That’s a lot of irrational love on this list. I’m now trying to think of how you could combine them all into one perfect, fun-filled day.

  9. I couldn’t agree more about America Beauty and Fight Club, you’re so dead on it! I have never watched them back to back but will do so this very weekend!
    I adore The Hazards of Love too!
    And Ferris…and greyhounds (Have you ever tried one with a pinch of salt? Of course, then it becomes a Salty Dog, but delicious nonetheless.) and also books, though my library is bound and not electronic…
    What a fun list, thank you for your sharing and inspiration!

    • Oh, I do have a great many actual books — but my e-book list, though some overlap, represents all the books I’d own if I had the room and the money!
      I saw the Decemberists on the Hazards of Love tour — a once in a lifetime experience.
      Lovely to see you here, darling — do drop by anytime!

  10. Great list! I have the same feelings about music as you do. I practically know Misplaced Childhood off by heart!
    I’ve seen the occasional Ferris Bueller quote in your writings 🙂


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