100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano – Cover Reveal!!!

Copy of 100 nightmares ebook cover


COMING THIS APRIL! — official date TBA

100 NIGHTMARES by K.Z. Morano is a collection of horror stories written in exactly 100 words and accompanied by a few illustrations.

It takes a brief encounter with death to cause enduring nightmares.

A single well-placed blow could maim you for life…

One well-placed word could haunt you forever.


Micro-fiction is a blade—sharp, swift…

Sometimes it goes for the jugular, killing you in seconds.

Its silver tongue touches your throat and warm blood hisses before you can scream.


Sometimes, the knife makes micro-cuts in the sensitive sheath of your sanity, creating wounds that will fester throughout eternity.


Take my 100 words daily like a slow-acting poison or read them all and die of overdose.

Your call.

It’s your suicide after all.


The Author

K.Z. Morano is an eclectic eccentric… a writer, a beach bum and a chocolate addict who writes anything from romance and erotica to horror, fantasy, sci-fi and bizarro fiction. Over the past few months, her stories have appeared in various anthologies, magazines and online venues. Visit her at http://theeclecticeccentricshopaholic.wordpress.com/ where she posts short fiction and photographs weekly.

For more updates on the story collection like K.Z.’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/100Nightmares


A note from your favourite dilettante:

Be afraid, darlings. Be very afraid. K.Z.’s flash fiction is amazingly scary. She has an imagination like no other, and I am looking forward to getting my greedy hands on this collection. Do stay tuned for more announcements, and get on the bandwagon while you can. Imagine if you were able to say “Yeah, I used to read Clive Barker before anyone ever heard of him.”  That’s what I tell people about K.Z. “Yeah, we used to exchange emails back in the day….”


15 responses to “100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano – Cover Reveal!!!

    • Right? Excellent cover art, and if you haven’t discovered her writing, do be sure to check it out. 100 words isn’t a big commitment, except that once you read one, you’ll be hooked. 100 nightmares is right.

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