Happy Anniversary Helena!

‘Kayso, Helena doesn’t want to make a big deal of it, but it’s been a year since she first typed the words “Being the Memoirs of a Dilettante” for the very first time. True, that first outing was, like, severely lacking as it didn’t feature me whatsoever, but still — I think it’s a big deal.

The fact that on her very SECOND try she got it perfect (see Couche-Tard and the Jumping Asians if you don’t believe me) just shows that my Aunt Helena is a fucking genius.

No, she didn’t make me say that. I loves me some Auntie Helena. Always have and always will.

So drop by and show some love.

Don’t make me come and bring a smackdown on your ass. Though I may be little, I be fierce.




36 responses to “Happy Anniversary Helena!

  1. I’m a little uncertain as to how much love to show. I guess at this stage in proceedings it depends whether we’re talking before or after the champagne and strawberries…

    Happy Blogaversary, you Kick-Ass, Kickstarter’d Writer-type, you 😀

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