Friday Fiction – The Drifters

Not for the first time, Jen at elmowrites has blown me away with her ability to a) capture in only 100 words what for some would be a novel and b) use phrasing in such a way that it is damn near music, or poetry. You’ll never hear the song she references the same way again. Stop what you’re doing and go read this little story, and give Jen some love. Tell her Helena sent you!


When I saw this week’s FF picture, it reminded me of a prompt from many moons ago, but it also sang out loud and clear what I wanted to write for it. I hope it works for you – please do share your thoughts and feedback.

Rochelle leads the FF charge with a photo this week from Adam Ickes – who is not only a great long-term Fictioneers, but has recently published a collection of his 100 word stories in print and Kindle format. I haven’t read it yet, but if his FF entries are anything to go by, I’m sure I can recommend it. Stop by his site for links to his amazon pages to get hold of your own copy. Reminds me I would love to do the same thing sometime – well done Adam for setting a great example!

In the meantime, my FF story for this…

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