A Song for RD & the Rest of my Aussie Friends

Was listening to this song on the way home and I thought of Australia. I’ve never been, and that’s a damn shame, darlings.

Tomorrow I think I’ll post some Tom Waits music, but for now, here’s a lullaby for all my friends down under (I’m sure the rest of you will enjoy it, too.)


27 responses to “A Song for RD & the Rest of my Aussie Friends

    • Hey Chris, to go “waltzing matilda” is a reference to an early 20th century swagman wandering around the Australian outback carrying his swag (matilda) which is a bed roll with his few belongings wrapped up in it, a bit like a hobo I suppose.

      • Hey! Thank you for taking the time to write out the insight.

        Just to be clear, I was just breaking the term apart a little bit, not to make fun or degrade it.

        The ballad must have been covered in one of my music classes years ago. Upon hearing Waits’ song, I mistakenly recalled “Tom Traubert’s Blues” as a cover due to have hearing that term “Waltzing Matilda” previously, but not fully recalling its meaning. Of course, Waits was not singing about a woman, and the curiosity encouraged me enough to look it up years back.

        The term is humble and unique, and references should do it justice, which Waits–in my opinion- cleverly had done.

        Hope your week is going well, and wishes for a great weekend. Cheers!

      • Yeah, sorry about that mate, I probably could’ve conveyed a different tone, I certainly didn’t hear you poking fun at an Aussie icon at all. Having said that, nothing could be more Australian than taking the piss out of something held near & dear…we do sardonic well downunder. But I agree that Waits approach was dignified and humble. Cheers buddy

      • Honestly Helena, there’s no better figure to be singing about “hobos” than Tom, he even looks the part! Not just an immense talent but seared with that unique “I don’t give a fuck what you think” attitide…love him.

  1. Tom Waits is incredible and always reminds me of my father (he loves him) I love a good blog music day and think you should definitely do a Friday music day. I do mine on Monday’s. thank you for the Aussie shout out, you should come and visit someday 🙂

  2. I’m not entirely sure where my music education was before I met you, Helena, but it has exponentially improved ever since.

    Side note – although my sister lived in NZ and Australia for 10 years or so (before she and her NZ hubby moved back to the states just in time for the winter that would never end), I’ve never been, either – although as her hubby talks about it more and more (see: the winter…), I’m thinking it sounds lovely!

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