And Now, A Few Words From Lizzi Rogers

So you’ve already seen the silly (Yes, that really is Harry Potter!) and now it’s time for the sweet and the serious. Lizzi posted what can only be truly called a love letter to your favourite dilettante over at her blog Considerings. Lizzi is a beautiful writer herself, darlings, so her praise is not merely the gushing of a speechless fan — it’s poetic and colourful — and if I weren’t so goddamned full of myself, I’d say it’s more than I deserve. But I am full of myself, darlings, especially after reading Lizzi’s lovely letter. If you weren’t convinced that you loved me, one read of this and the literary equivalent of Cupid’s arrow will surely have pierced your heart, darlings.



5 responses to “And Now, A Few Words From Lizzi Rogers


    Thank you, darling. My soul is young but my eyes are old.

    Also, I wish I were rich so I could throw more money at you and your book.

  2. *eyes get huge*

    I don’t know HOW I missed this for so long, but I am standing here, with my unkemptness and my jaw hanging open in AMAZEMENT at this…whatever this is – and oh THANK YOU for liking what I wrote.

    I meant every word, and I so, so, SO want your Kickstarter to work, because I shall be bereft at the idea of *nearly* having gotten my hands on your book, and then not…

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