Amanda Palmer’s Eyebrows

Remember this one, darlings? This is one of the many stories that are included in by upcoming book. Here’s the shortlink
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dilettante factory


“Got nuffink,” said the Countess Penelope of Arcadia. “Go fish.”

“What’s this?” I asked, showing her the card I’d drawn. It was the Joker, but someone (Penny, J’accuse!) had glued a picture of Heath Ledger on it. “You’re supposed to take the Jokers out.”

“Not so, my love,” said Penny with a grin. “It’s like a bonus set, right? ‘Cause there’s only two.”

“So who’s on the other Joker? Nicholson? Romero? Hamill?”

“Bite your tongue, Helena my sweet. It’s annova Heaff, innit?  And the rule is, if you collect bofe Heaffs, you win. Blimey ‘n such.”

“Okay, whatever, but can you just drop the cockney for the moment, you’re doin’ me ‘ead in.” She pouted and I dropped her a wink so she knew I wasn’t being cruel.

“Well, at least I can affect a proper cockney — not like your poor attempt at Liverpool scouser — it’s less…

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