A Very Unwelcome Swamp

Hello darlings. A little while ago, I introduced you to my friend Jim Squires who is running the Kickstarter campaign to help launch Memoirs of a Dilettante.

Well, last night, something awful happened to Jim and his family — the sewer on his street backed up, and now his basement, where his elderly father lives, is now under a foot and a half of swamp water (to put it nicely).

They had to evacuate, and while I’m doing everything I can to help him out — I’m going down tonight to see if I can salvage anything from his basement, and whatever other help he needs — it can’t be helped but think that while I’m helping Jim, Jim can’t be helping me.

I know, darlings, it seems silly — and really it is. Jim’s been working really hard to make this a success, and when he actually apologized to me last night over the phone, I gave him an ear full. My first concern is taking care of my friend and his family any way I can.

But while I’m doing that, can I ask you out there to promote the hell out of the Kickstarter campaign as Jim’s not going to be able to for the next (at least) week or so?

If people need education about the campaign, educate them. If people are on the fence about whether their five or ten bucks is going to make a difference, give them a gentle nudge. If people ask “What the hell’s a dilettante, anyway — well, darlings, get out your dictionary, or just point them back my way. I’m going to be doing whatever I can, but if you don’t see me very much over the next week or so, know that I’m likely up to my knees in raw sewage, trying to save irreplaceable family keepsakes, or perhaps 20 years worth of a comic collection. (Ouch; my heart.)

If any of you out there is actually geographically IN southern Ontario and want to help out, let me know, and I’ll find out if there’s anything you can do. It’s a pretty chaotic situation right now — if you’ve ever gone through anything like this, you’ll know it’s almost like losing your house in a fire.

Thanks for taking a second to listen.


20 responses to “A Very Unwelcome Swamp

    • It’s… gross… to say the least. (and he lost a couple valuable comics!) I keep saying – it could be worse – it could have been a fire, kids could have been hurt. In a week or so, once things are settled, it’ll will look a lot better in hindsight I’m sure.

  1. You’re a worthy soul, Helena.
    Jim has been blessed with friends of the highest quality.
    Our basement flooded eleven years ago – we just finished restoring it fully. I know… we simply decided to leave it until the funds were available. And I had the guts to tackle it.

    • That he has — I get the feeling that by the time I get there later this afternoon all the hard work will be done, and Auntie Helena will just be sweeping in to take care of his adorable daughters while him and his wife take care of the gross stuff.

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