My Favourite Pornography

I apologize in advance, darlings, for introducing you to your new favourite band. I apologize, because their music is so infectious that you’re going to be listening to them for the next quite a while. You may kick yourself for never having heard them before, or else remember how much you loved hearing one of their songs once and not realizing who they were. The New Pornographers are a Canadian supergroup, consisting of A.C. Newman, Dan Bejar (also from Destroyer), Blaine Thurier, John Collins, Neko Case, Kurt Dahle, Todd Fancey and Kathryn Calder

I was fortunate enough to see the New Pornographers open for Belle & Sebastian in San Francisco some years ago, and have been a die-hard fan ever since.

I feel it is no exaggeration to compare them to the Beatles in terms of songwriting. Newman, Bejar, Case and Calder all share vocal duties, giving more credence to the Beatles comparison in terms of variety and voice. The New Pornographers will often have more hooks in one 4 minute pop song than you’d believe possible. Check out The Bleeding Heart Show in particular for an example of this. (Katie Sullivan, I’m looking at you!) You’ll swear this has to be a 15 minutes prog song with all the movements, but nope… one pop song.

This is no garage rock. This is modern classical music. LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys, if you’ll excuse the gushing, darlings.


We End Up Together:

Bleeding Heart Show

Use It

Myriad Harbour

My Rights vs Yours


From Blown Speakers

Mass Romantic

Oh, and a cheeky bonus: On a completely DIFFERENT end of the music, from their album Pornography, here’s some early Cure for all you depressives out there.

The Figurehead


31 responses to “My Favourite Pornography

  1. … Aaaannndd I’ll be listening to this at midnight when I finally get home! I’m in reception today, and they really do look at me askance when I attempt to listen to something other than the muzak (kill joys).

    • Today’s the day that you redefine your days, darling — the days BEFORE you heard the New Pornographers, and the beautiful, music filled, joyful days AFTER. I love that it’s such upbeat, HAPPY music. (I’m a sucker for gloomy tunes, but these guys are my… ahem, CURE for gloom.)

      • Yes (I’ve noticed with my Florence love that I may have an… intense… streak going on. A break will be good for me, I think)!!

        Also, I started smiling so big on the inside at this, that I had a call come in and I couldn’t even form words. Poor guy just hung there while I tried to figure out if it was morning, afternoon, wine time, or whatever. And then I had to not laugh as I got it wrong (it’s morning somewhere, right?). Fella must think us magazine folks are nuts.

      • Aren’t you?
        Ah, I can’t wait to hear your reactions. Wait until you hear the hooks in “Moves” or “Bleeding Heart Show.” Honestly, they are “Strawberry Fields Forever” good.

      • Well, I am – I think the Trains guys are a different kind of nuts, though 🙂
        I’m going to have to find a way to jerry-rig the speakers on this thing into my headset – want to listen, now! But when I do, I shall report back.

  2. Helena, I’m slightly short of time today (I’m always slightly short of time, but hey!) but I’ve managed to listen to three of these songs, and, odd for me, I like them. Normally, I have to hear something several times for it to grow on me, but these I liked. Myriad Harbour is my favourite so far. I shall try to get back to listen to the others…

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  4. Hello, I’m Samara and I’m a music junkie; I consume it in vast quantities and probably need to cut back. And now look what you’ve done.

    This is…hmmm. I’d call it power pop, but it’s more intelligent than that. And yes, hooks for days. And incredible vocals. It’s also “feel good” music, and I’m just coming out of a depression. Music is so healing. These tunes had me grinning ear to ear.

    They sound hopefully and impossibly young. That’s what I love about you, darling. You’re sultry and seasoned and yet – you have a 20-year-old ear for music. Yes, you have the soul of a young girl – who else would have posted all this sunny magic on her blog page?

    Blowing kisses at you for helping to nudge me out of my slump.

    • I am a wallower. It’s something I struggle to overcome, darling, so I certainly understand where you’re coming from. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to be cheered up. Sometimes you have to put away the razor blade and pick up the lollipop.
      Best to you as you struggle through it.

      • Thank you, my love.

        This music helps. Music can be so healing, and THIS – this is irresistible stuff.

        I hadn’t heard of them before. I LOVE learning about a new (to me) band.


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