Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before – By Jessica B. Bell

Creepy standalone story by Jessica B. Bell on the Community Storyboard — go check it out and get this project by Charles and Ionia going strong again.

The Community Storyboard

My dreams are haunted by laughter.

Not happy sounds, either, but perverse, pained laughter that sounds more animal than human. It comes in spasms and bursts, and is guttural and without mirth. It is always the same, and I wake up trembling; covered in sweat. These last few weeks, the trembling has gotten worse, and as I write this now, I realize that I am a dead man.

It started, as it would all eventually end, with laughter.

We had been sleeping at the base of the mountain, when Jenkins woke with a cry.    Jenkins died a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t help but remember that it was him that had cried out; him that had drawn their attention to us. Not that it mattered. Had he not, we would have just died there in the jungle instead of back home in England.

We woke, startled, and the laughter…

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8 responses to “Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before – By Jessica B. Bell

      • Good because I have a lot I want to give. I see you have another Bayou Bonhomme … I have to wait until tonight or tomorrow AM to read 😦 but I’m looking forward to it!

      • You might actually have a bunch to read because I’m working on the next chapter of it now! I am also moving along with the return to Arcadia story arc for volume two of the memoirs. But that is a pretty painful story so don’t read it if you’re not prepared

      • Thanks for the warning 😉 I might have to save you for the weekend. My job is really sucking up my time and the cats are nipping at my heels. The last couple of months I’ve been really challenged in keeping up with blogs. So if I seem to disappear from sight, don’t worry (or shoot me an email if you are worried). I just don’t like rushing through your stories. I want to linger and taste every drop 🙂

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