Thank You John!

Thank you, John W. Howell for sharing the cover reveal for Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One on Friday.

John, strangely enough, has been a constant on my blog for a long time — without me really noticing, much to my discredit. He was like that quiet guy back in the corner that follows the band to every gig, but isn’t up front screaming at them and throwing their underwear on the stage.

(I’d like to take a moment at this point to thank John from the bottom of my heart for not throwing his underwear at me.)

It wasn’t until a couple of months ago, when I was feeling discouraged, and had posted a very Eeyore post asking why I bother, oh well, it’ll probably rain — and John had responded that he had been there the whole time, and if I only wrote for guys like him who have been enjoying it all the while, then it would be worth it. (Or something like that — John may be eloquent when he writes fiction, darlings, but in interactions, he’s a man of few words.)

my-grlAnd speaking of his fiction, darlings, John has just published his novel My GRL, which the New York Times has called “A book we haven’t reviewed yet,” but don’t worry, John, you’ll get there. After all, check out THESE REVIEWS.

Better yet, darlings — go to John’s website, where you can not only read his latest writing, but get a preview of the novel.

Then go buy it HERE

John also co-writes a Top Ten List with another favourite person of mine, Marie Ann Bailey. Check out their latest, Ten Things Not to do While Completing Your Taxes.

Thank you again, John, for your support, and for being a constant reader, even when I don’t see you sitting back there in the corner, quietly applauding with a smile on your face.


3 responses to “Thank You John!

  1. Helena you say the nicest things. Now my turn to thank you for this thank you. (please don’t thank me for my thank you since it may lead to a thank you spiral which will never end. Amen) 🙂

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