Thank You Linda!

Thank you, Linda Vernon, for proudly plugging Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One yesterday.

I discovered Linda, like many others, through Friday Fictioneers, but have taken to following her every move like some creepy stalker — because she’s funny in a way that is so purely childlike — but with an adult’s 20/20 hindsight on childhood.

Sometimes I think she may have squirrels living in her brain, with all the crazy stuff she dreams up — characters with names like Penelope Snoots or Carmen Matilda Manila. Her wacky poems take me back to my days reading seemingly bottomless piles of books by Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak and Shel Silverstein.

Linda’s a source of much delight for me, and I’m always thrilled when I see her name pop up on my reader.

I’m trying to convince her to take all her tales and put them into a book of Bedtime Stories for Grown Up Children — so go read her stories and add voice to my pestering.

Thank you, Linda. It’s always a pleasure reading you, and chatting with you when we happen to cross paths through time zones.


7 responses to “Thank You Linda!

  1. Oh thank you for sharing! I just read the posts you pointed out and I would absolutely buy a book of bedtime stories for grown up children!

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