Thank You Aussa!

Thank you, Aussa Lorens, for being a fan — and for allowing me access to pick your brain and hit you up for advice on a regular basis.

But thank you specifically for promoting the upcoming release of Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One yesterday.

There’s likely not much I can tell you about Aussa that you don’t already know, darlings, and as I’m afraid I haven’t really known her all that long, I’m not privy to any secret information about her (not that I’d share if I did, darlings — a lady never tells).

What I do know is that she has one of the most natural writing voices I’ve had the pleasure of reading, and she’s led a life worth writing about, a statement that I hope she receives as a great compliment.

Aussa strikes me as the kind of girl we all secretly loved and envied in high school, because she made it look so easy — she’s got the moves, she’s got the looks, but she never lets it go to her head. But as high school is over, I now have the maturity and realization that it’s not easy at all. Some people, like Aussa, just do it so well that you never see them sweat about it.

Instantly likeable and with an enthusiasm that is infectious, Aussa draws people to her, and I’ve never heard anyone come away disappointed.

A few months ago, Aussa started reading my blog and exploded all over it, commenting and interacting — my favourite kind of person — and so I just had to go take a peek at what she was doing. I was so thrilled at what I found, that I decided to stay.

So where do you start, you ask?

I’ve never met this… Aussa, you say her name is?

Well, darlings, the fact is, you should start at THE BEGINNING

You’ll thank me three hours from now when you’ve read everything she’s written.

Thank you again, Aussa, for your friendship and your encouragement.


15 responses to “Thank You Aussa!

  1. Whaaaaat is going on here… *cuddles with wall*
    Thank you Helena! Now I have to write a thank you post to thank you for all these kind words and it will go on back and forth forever until the internet is broken.
    I’m so terrified of what that first post says but I just can’t even bear to click on it and read… I never look back at my old stuff, no way! Oh– and I was the mooooost awkward sort of person in high school. You would have likely looked at me and thought “geeze, it’s not that hard.”

    Looking forward to the release of your book, huzzah! OH and um, I love the redesign of the site. I don’t know when it first went live but maybe I’ve only been reading via mobile because this is the first I’m seeing all the changes and it kicks arse!

  2. Aussa is, technically, just barely young enough to be my freaking granddaughter – and she’s one of my go-to’s for advice about guys.

    I don’t know how to describe how that leaves me feeling. Other than grateful.

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