Welcome to HelenaHB.com

Hello, darlings. You may have noticed some of the changes going on around here, and while there will still be a few occasional tweaks (everything — EVERYTHING is a work in progress, darlings) I thought it was time to make it official and announce that I’ve got a brand new web address — www.helenahb.com. Why? Because frankly, darlings, it’s easier to remember (and spell).

What does this change for you? Nothing. If you’re on WordPress and are currently following me; or if you follow me in the future, you will still always be able to find me in your reader.

But what if I’m not on WordPress? You ask, conveniently providing me with just the question I needed to hear.

Well, that’s a good question, darling — let me answer it by saying that now, instead of always trying to remember how to spell Hann-Basquiat, and ending up finding the wrong webpage, now you just have to remember HelenaHB.

SO add www.helenahb.com to your bookmarks, and keep checking in on your favourite dilettante. Lots of exciting news in the next few weeks.


12 responses to “Welcome to HelenaHB.com

    • I’m very happy with it as well, darling. I was disappointed (but hardly surprised) when Helena.com was not available — could you imagine — if I were THE Helena of the entire interwebs? I’ll take HelenaHB though. It has a nice ring to it. How’s the winter in Korea? (You’re stil there, right?)

      • Winter is exceptionally mild this year in Korea, at least in our area. It was cool today, but seemed kind of like early spring. I hear rumors of extreme weather coming out of many parts of the world lately, so I shut my mouth and try not to gloat about our good fortune here. 🙂

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