Thank You Jennie!

Thank you so much, Jennie Saia!

Jennie has done so much for me, but most recently and specifically, she enthusiastically shared the cover reveal promo for Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One.

Jennie is one of those who have been here from almost the beginning — recently I learned that I was her first blog friend — that is, the first to break the fourth wall and take our budding friendship into the bigger world.

This shocked, surprised and flattered me — as does the high regard she holds for me. Because if you know Jennie — and surely you do — she’s the most social butterfly (or, rather, pixie) that I’ve ever met. What you might be surprised to know is that that front that you see — that smiling, laughing pixie face that grins out at you like something out of a fairytale — is just Jennie’s strength. She has a vulnerability that she wears close to her chest, but that seeps through occasionally in her writing, whether it be in her rare but beautiful poetry (seriously, Jennie… more poetry) or her, AHEM, memoir style reminiscences of past loves, travels and adventures.

Jennie is the most romantic person I know — she once shared a post called Can We Be Lovers & Not Have Sex, which is worth reading, not only for the original writer’s words, but for Jennie’s thoughts on them as well.

I am proud to call Jennie my friend. She has helped me through discouraging times, laughed with me, engaged in witty banter sessions where I truly tested her limit of esoteric pop culture references (She’s never seen Pulp Fiction, darlings. I KNOW RIGHT?) and there was even this one time where she challenged me to take something as innocent as Smurfette’s breasts and turn it into something nasty.

Challenge accepted and successfully accomplished. I smurfed that mothersmurfer. Apparently when Jennie and her husband read the resulting tale, chocolate milk flew out of their smurfing noses, even though they weren’t drinking chocolate milk.

I’ve come to think of Jennie as my little sister, and I’m terribly proud of her. I can’t help but feel a twinge of personal satisfaction in the fact that I played matchmaker in setting up her with Oloriel & Herr Weltzschmerz so she could collaborate with them on the lovely Luna (always the bridesmaid and never the bride, darlings) as part of their Cyanide & Cherries project. (More Jennie please, if you’re reading this).

If you’ve been wondering what Jennie sounds like when she’s whispering sweet nothings to her husband J, you may want to take a listen to that recording. And then take a cold shower.

You may have also noticed, if you have read any of Jennie’s contributions to the sadly now defunct Outlier Collection, or even just her comments on other articles, that she is fiercely opinionated, but in the best possible way. She’s never rude, cruel, or bullying — an altogether far too common trait on the Interweb — but also doesn’t compromise in her beliefs or viewpoints, and I admire that about her.

Sigh. I could go on and on, darlings, but then J would start to wonder what’s really going on between me and his wife, the lovely Jennie Darling. (I’m convinced she’s actually a long lost descendant — the secret offspring — of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling.)

Thank you, Jennie. For everything you have done for me, for everything I know you’ll continue to do, and for the things you’ve done that you didn’t even realize affected me greatly.

I hope you count any successes I have as personal successes as well (I swear to god, if you break into The Wind Beneath My Wings, you lose an ovary).




15 responses to “Thank You Jennie!

  1. Oh I love all the love in the blogosphere this week! So happy to have you and Jennie in my sphere. It’s a better place because of it.

  2. I have had the pleasure of following and reading Jennie just recently and I can see why she is so adored. And that’s high praise coming from what I have seen here so far 🙂

    Awesome post of endearment 🙂

  3. Helena, I… just wanted to say thank you back. Our story is long, and will grow much more so, but the things you’ve written here have moved me more than perhaps even you suspected they would. (And you already know I’m a soft touch!)

    It’s just… many people call me cute, and sweet, and that is lovely. But when you bring up words like strength, and fiercely opinionated, and hell of a writer, you make me feel like I might actually be the person I keep striving for. I’m proud to be your virtual little sister.


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