Thank you Oloriel!

Thank you Oloriel… or Selena… or Selena Moonshadow…. or Mirjana Miric Inalman  — a woman with more aliases and hats than I have.

Oloriel is a force of nature, and if you haven’t felt her wind blow your way yet, I’d be surprised. Yesterday, she was kind enough to lend her praise to the cover reveal for Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One, and I’m here to say thank you kindly, darling.

I am constantly at awe at this woman’s prolific output — whether it be her own magnificent poetry, written under the influence of no drug other than her own intoxicating sense of the surreal and the beautiful — or her photography and artwork, which is sometimes dark and gritty, and other times astoundingly lovely.

Oloriel reaches out from her Eastern European home and attracts collaborators from around the globe, drawn to her flame like the proverbial moths. One such project, Cyanide & Cherries,  excited the wanna-be musician in me, and I’m just waiting for my invite to participate. The brainchild of Oloriel and H.K. Abell from the Weltschmerz Collection, Oloriel provides poetry and artwork to accompany music — the result is like nothing I’ve ever seen or heard.

She’s also currently working on what she describes as Serbian surreal novel about dreams and swearing, which she plans to publish in a small printing sometime in the near future.

Recently, Oloriel and her husband have launched a literary magazine, called The Tophat Raven. I was actually honoured to have one of my stories featured in the first issue, and was incredibly impressed by the presentation of this online magazine, both in content and aesthetics. She seems to know instinctively that something needs to look good as well as read well. They are always looking for submissions, so do take the opportunity to get involved with an amazing project.

Thank you, Selena, for finding the time to work with me and promote my upcoming book.


7 responses to “Thank you Oloriel!

  1. Thank you, Helena, for letting me be a part of your journey, a part of your exotic tales that combine the medieval candid chivalry with the most dizzying spices of Marakesh. I can’t wait to get your book! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Color me in Cyanide and Cherry and commented:
    During your life, you will meet people that you will immediatly like, no specific reasons. I like to describe it as some celestial entity doing a piano solo and just infecting you with emotion. This is what happened to me with Helena.
    Thank you once more for letting me participate in your adventures and for the kind words you gift both to me and my writing! 🙂

  3. What a nice way to say “thank you”! She is definitely a force and I am honored to follow her and share in her tales. I am so looking forward to her Serbian novel about dreams and swearing. My husband swears a lot (in Serbian), sometimes it’s embarrassing. But, he doesn’t even know he’s doing it until I mention it. I’m sure he can add some swears to your vocabulary 🙂

  4. I had no idea Oloriel and all her aliases had SO many projects going on! I’m already amazed at the abundance of poetry… I can’t wait to make a cup of chai and enjoy clicking through this list of linky goodness.

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