Thank you Björn!

Thank you, Björn Rudberg!

Björn generously agreed to promote the upcoming release of Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One yesterday by posting a cover reveal.

As with a lot of people, I discovered Björn through the Friday Fictioneers crowd, and he’s one of my go-to reads each week, because he is always surprising.

His blog tagline says that he’s a physicist from the dark side, and it is an apt description. I don’t know much about physics, but if you’ve read any of Jessica B. Bell’s twisted stories, you’ll know that I am well acquainted with the dark side.

Björn does many shades of dark; many flavours of weird.

He’s also always trying to get me to write poetry, being as he’s one of the curators over at dVerse, where poets gather to explore the art of poetry. I say the art of poetry, because the poets that participate there aren’t writing the kind of emo high-school diary ramblings about how some boy ripped their heart right out their chest and stomped on it until they thought they might die, but rather, they are exploring poetry in its many forms, some of them simple, some of them playful, and some of them downright mathematical. I’ve participated in a poetry course once, and the challenge of putting your thoughts into these forms — some more rigid than others — can be both frustrating and exhilarating. The fear of failure and the joy of success hang by a thread.

This is what Björn loves, as you can see by his having dabbled in nearly every form I’ve ever heard of.

If you already have an appreciation for poetry, you simply MUST go visit Björn’s blog, as well as dVerse. – Björn says this Saturday would be a good day to drop by, as he’s going to be presenting there.

If you think that poetry is Hallmark cards or whiney melodramatic teenage girls, I think you really need to go talk to Björn, because he’ll open your eyes to a whole new fascinating world. The man has a PhD, darlings — he’s much cleverer than you or I can ever hope to me.

Trust me, he’ll set you straight.

Thank you again, Björn, I really appreciate it!


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