Flash Friday Fiction

Oh my! Does this count as my first piece of Helena fan fiction! I’m so very flattered by this I couldn’t help but share!


Janet Webb

Photo courtesy of Janet Webb

This painting in this photo reminded me of the icon used by Helena Hann-Basquiat, one of our illustrious Friday Fictioneers.  So much so that it was her voice I heard tell my story. Here is what she said….


Word count: 100

Of Course, Darling

– You realize I’ve lived a deliciously wicked life, don’t you my dear?
– Yes, you keep reminding me of your sordid past.
– Sordid!  I never.  It was lovely, exhilarating, marvelous!  Sordid is not at all the word.  And one must always choose the right word, darling.
– For you, maybe.  Not so much for me, watching from the sidelines.
– Come and join me then.  Don’t be such a prude.  A wallflower.  A statue has more life!
– You never did understand me, did you?
– Better than you think, my love.
– Always the dilettante, always the last…

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