Thank You Kelly!

Thank you Kelly Sands!

Kelly generously shared my cover reveal for Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One yesterday based solely on the fact that he enjoyed my writing and wanted to help promote it.

Not a very big deal, you might say, but it means a lot to me — in fact, it’s sort of the whole reason I do what I do — for the love and admiration of strangers — and isn’t that more than just a little bit messed up?

Speaking of messed up, Kelly discovered my writing first through Friday Fictioneers, and I discovered him there as well. Week in and week out, Kelly, under the delightful nom de guerre appropriate adult explores all things messed up.

Kelly’s more of a painter when it comes to writing. And if you know anything about my reading preferences, you know that this is a style that I love and envy. The ability to paint a scene with words so lush and realistic that it’s like instant atmosphere is something I desperately wish I could do, and always shiver with joy when someone like Kelly does it well.

Here’s a recent offering that portrays what I’m talking about.

Thanks again, Kelly!


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