Thank you Dana!

Dana Thomas, artist, blogger, honorary dilettante, may just be the best kept secret on the Interweb. (Next to me, of course… and then there’s that hush-hush website with those naked pictures of — what? You’ve never seen it? Oh, well never mind then…)

If you haven’t met Dana yet (and yes, darlings, I say met, because to paraphrase a certain Internet meme featuring the ever sexy Sean Bean — one does not simply Follow DCTdesigns) then you really owe it to yourself to introduce… yourself. Did that make sense?

Aren’t you supposed to be good at this writing stuff, Helena?

Shut your cake hole, darlings, I’m the one speaking.

What I mean to say is that you don’t just stumble across Dana’s stories… or her sketches (ranging from cute little pieces she doodles at lunch hour to wonderfully professional and amazing drawings you’d so totally use as the cover art for your upcoming book release except that you’d already chosen something really cool and can I use it for next time? Okay? — you know, just as a for instance) and then just click “Like” or “Follow” and walk away.

Why? Because Dana won’t let you.

She’s engaging. She wants to meet you, to read your stories, to laugh with you, to collaborate with you, to have your babies.

Oh wait… wait wait wait… strike that last one. I got carried away, and my delete button is broken again (you’d think I’d just get a new keyboard, darlings, but it makes for such interesting happy accidents.)

Dana’s the kind of person I want reading my stuff — does that sound self-important and pretentious enough?


Okay, let me try again.

Ahem. Dana’s the kind of person that I deserve to have as a reader.

Wow, Helena, you are so full of…

Wait, let me explain — Dana’s the kind of person that all of you want for a reader, and you just better hope you’re good enough, clever enough, and engaging enough to keep her interest. Because she’s an actual READER. She’ll read what you’ve written, she’ll talk to you about it, she’ll laugh and cry with you about it.

And then when you take a look at her stuff, you realize that it’s the kind of stuff you look at and say “God, I wish I’d done that. How do you DO that?”

I love meeting those kinds of people. I like having talented friends, so we can all stand together and make fun of those less talented than us — which, let’s face it — is everyone.

Just kidding, darlings…. or am I? Hmmm….

Anyhow, I’m truly happy to have met her. She’s delightful, and she lives in Seattle, where, she tells me, there is an entire line of chocolate and chocolate related items called Dilettante.

I knew I liked Seattle (and not just for the great bands, wonderful mountains, beautiful Puget Sound, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience Museum) but now I love it.

They named a CHOCOLATE after me, darlings (don’t correct me — let me have my dream)!

And yesterday, Dana not only posted my cover reveal, but she did something incredibly special for the Countess and I on the weekend, and has posted it, along with my first ever interview (yes, darlings, interview — go check it out) here: The Dilettante and The Countess Penelope of Arcadia.

Thank you, Dana, for everything.

Now get, everyone else. Go meet Dana. I want her to be complaining that I sent too many people her way.


7 responses to “Thank you Dana!

  1. Holy Crap! I’m speechless which is a difficult thing to do.I feel like you’ve written a tribute to this amazingly talented person who I would terribly love to meet. But wait that person’s ME (whom I already know intimately).

    I AM a self-professed creative junkie and love nothing more than collaboration with others. It’s my personal addiction really. Though babies are hands down out of the question- Helena, please do not make promises that my non-existent uterus can’t keep. Wait- unless it is metaphorical for birthing the muse and creating incredible works of art and expression. Then I’m all in.

    P.S Dilettante chocolates is named after you because there can be only one. (please read this with Scottish brogue)

    Thank you for this.

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