Conversations with Monsters – By Jessica B. Bell

Good news everyone! (To be read in the voice of Professor Farnsworth from Futurama, or else not at all) The tumblers are all tumbling into place, and Jessica, having gotten one long story and one story with a very dirty title out of her system, is now brainstorming the next few Bayou Bonhomme stories. I’ve decided to cut down the amount of sedative I secretly slip into her gruel in hopes that it will increase her productivity. I’m excited at what she’s told me so far — oh, and teaser — she knows how it ends, now, but promises it’s still a ways off — though I wish she’d shut up about it. I hear her all night long, yelling for me for more food, more water — Helena I’m cold! Helena I’m tired! Blah blah blah… and then when I — soft-hearted soul that I am — go to throw her perhaps a scrap of moldy bread or a bit of rancid beef — all she wants to do is tell me about her story ideas. Now tell me — can you blame me for keeping her locked up in the basement?
Well, while you wait for the continuation of the story, here’s the next chapter to keep you going. If you haven’t ever read any of these tales, do click on the Jessica Bell tab and start from the beginning.

dilettante factory

This is part of a series that takes place in Bayou Bonhomme, Louisiana. Get caught up here.


Leroy sat uneasily in his little boat, trying to look anywhere but at the repulsive and otherworldly face of the thing he called Chuck, but only because he couldn’t pronounce the thing’s real name. He knew that looking too long into that mad jumble of eyes, tentacles and teeth wasn’t good for the mind. Just being near the old thing made his teeth and sinuses ache, and the longer he stayed in its malign presence, the harder it was to avoid staring at it. There was almost a magnetic pull to stare it right in its multiple eyes and surrender to madness. The Chief found out the hard way back in the summer of ’98 the danger of peering too long into old Chuck’s eyes.

“Darkness,” the Chief had said when he…

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