All Hail the New Flesh by Dagda Publishing

As I haven’t read it yet (I’m an old-fashioned sort of girl, and am waiting for my physical copy) I’m re-posting this excellent review by A.K. Hinchley — excellent, of course, because she is enthusiastic and energetic in her recommendation! (That, and Jessica saw her name mentioned and begged and whined and pleaded for me to praise her in some small way — god, she’s like a kid with macaroni art demanding to have it framed and put on the fridge, sometimes, I tell you!)
Anyhow, the more I read about this collection, the more excited I get, and the more proud I am to be a part of it.

The Torn Page - A K Hinchey's Writing Blog

 Where to even begin with this book? As previously mentioned this is the new anthology from the epic Dagda Publishers. It contains within thirteen futuristic tales of dystopian Worlds and technology gone mad; and my God it’s a cavalcade of creative goodness that has your mind soaring from a mix of imaginative stories and language so delectable you feel full just from the one reading.

I had initially intended to speak of only one or two of the stories within but I now know that is a distinct impossibility. Many of the stories called out to me in various ways that has my mind returning to each tale again and again. You may think I am going overboard with my description but believe me, pick up a copy, you’ll be in my mind set before you know it.

I must begin with the story from one of my best friends…

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