The Body and the Beast – By Jessica B. Bell

Out late last night at a concert (and on a school night no less) and the best I’m able to manage is to repost the next of the Bayou Bonhomme stories. Jessica assures me she’s still plugging away at a new story, and I’m putting the screws to her to start working on more Bayou Bonhomme stories. Honestly, you tie a person to a chair and put screws through their thumbs — what do you think is meant by putting the screws to someone?

dilettante factory

Here’s a bonus story just ’cause Jessica couldn’t wait to tell the next part.

If you want to get caught up with the Bonhomme Bayou story, click here If you haven’t read Mel’s Bar & Grill, you’re going to want to read that one first.


Leroy was still waiting for Varney to start bringing out cases of beer when he saw a girl he thought he recognized but couldn’t quite place running down the street, soaking wet, toward Mel’s in a right hurry. Her face was red, and not just with exertion – when she entered into the glow of Mel’s floodlights, Leroy could see that her eyes were bloodshot from crying and she had runners of snot on her upper lip that weren’t the least bit attractive.

“They found him!” The girl cried as she burst through Mel’s door, and every head turned to look at her…

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