Mel’s Bar & Grill – By Jessica B. Bell

Here’s the third installment of the Bayou Bonhomme story. Jessica’s working on wrapping up another, completely unrelated story, but then she promises to get back on top of telling you what happens next in Bayou Bonhomme.

dilettante factory

A story of Bayou Bonhomme — catch up here


The dinner crowd was heading out of Mel’s just as the sun set over Bayou Bonhomme, which meant that the serious drinking crowd was already there to stay or else on their way. Mel was short for Melissa, but the bar had originally belonged to her daddy, whose Christian name had been Elmer, but had always gone by Mel.  When Melissa’s father died back in that weird summer in ’98, Melissa, who had hated being called Mel, took the name anyway as a tribute to her daddy, and ran the place as good as he ever did; maybe better. It took a while before the locals afforded her the same respect they did her father, but after she broke up a skirmish between the Fontenot brothers and some poor tourist with nothing but her fierce disposition and an empty bottle…

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