Murder on the Bayou – By Jessica B. Bell

As previously promised, I will be re-blogging the Bayou Bonhomme stories every couple days so to whet your appetite for the continuation — which Jessica says she wants to do, she just has to re-familiarize herself with the story as well. Enjoy for the first, second or tenth time!

dilettante factory

Chief Blanchette sat his double-wide ass down at Leroy’s lunch counter and ordered an MGD and a salad.

“And doan’ you be puttin’ any o’ dat coonass barbecue in dere, y’hear!” he said, his accent, normally slight, was thicker than ever. Whether it was the heat, or the aggravation brought by the recent unsolved disappearance, it always seemed to thicken up when he was under stress.

“Yes, sir, Oscar,” the young waitress, who was actually Oscar’s cousin said, turning to the kitchen. Before she could turn, Oscar reached out with remarkable speed for a man his size and grabbed her arm, turning her back around to face him.

“It’s Chief,” he said, pointing a thick, dirty finger at the badge on his porcine chest. “Doan you be fergettin’ the pecking order ’round here, missy.”

“You’re hurting me,” Sheryl winced, trying to pull away from the Chief’s claw-like grip.

“Ne’ermind that,”…

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4 responses to “Murder on the Bayou – By Jessica B. Bell

  1. You wicked woman! Or is it Jessica who is wicked? I just read through ALL posts on the Bayou Bohomme story and I WANT MORE but apparently I have to wait on Jessica. What has this writer done to me? I am as addicted to Bayou Bonhomme as if I had eaten Leroy’s BBQ 🙂

    • Jessica’s got her head buried in her desk, shivering in the dim light, scratching out the rest of the story she’s currently working on, and then she promises to focus on telling the rest of the Bayou Bonhomme story (she says it’s likely to end up being a novel length piece, so there’s a surprise!)
      Thank you so much for reading, darling! I’ll be sure to give Jessica extra gruel as a reward; and maybe even a tepid cup of tea.

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