Slowly Easing Into 2014

Hello, darlings. I’m on vacation. Well, sort of. I’m giving myself a break and not trying to stress out about not writing. I’m catching up on some reading (finally started Game of Thrones, also, read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn — I highly recommend it) and some Netflix (went on a Killing spree — that is; I watched all three seasons of the highly under-rated show The Killing — if you liked Twin Peaks and you like depressing crime dramas with endless twists, then you must watch this show, darlings, it was wonderfully dark and gritty.)

I suppose I’m in absorption mode.  I haven’t really been able to focus on reading a novel, or get into a show for some time now, and it was nice to just sit back and let someone tell me a story for a change.

Hello? Are you still there?

Okay, for those of you who are still there, I hope you had a happy holiday, and wish you a marvelous 2014.

Just wanted to touch base so you didn’t forget about me.

Hope to have something interesting to write soon.


13 responses to “Slowly Easing Into 2014

    • Thank you, darling! You’ve been very busy — it must feel wonderful to be so productive! I’m trying to decide where to put my energy, but for the time being, I’m content to just be restful, and to read.

  1. Definitely still here! I keep creeping by looking for a new post….
    I first wrote that as “I creep keeping by…”
    Enjoy your netflixing but come back to us soon.

  2. Happy New Year, Helena, yep I’ve been absent from the net too, I think it’s that sort of time, but I’ll look forward to your return. All the best for 2014, and speak to you soon! Cheryl

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