The Road to Eldorado, Recovery, and Other News…

This is just an update, darlings. No real mind-shattering thoughts or poignant pieces of poetic prose; no humorous anecdotes about your favourite dilettante and her ever-present apprentice, the Countess Penelope of Arcadia. Just a note to say hello, and thank you, and Merry Christmas (I Love You) and to say that I’ve appreciated all the time you’ve spent with me over this last year. I’ve only been here since March, and it’s been a great ride. I’ve made friendships, despite me thinking that was unlikely and/or impossible — and it certainly wasn’t my intent. These Accidental Friendships have helped me through this process — writing, sharing, engaging — and I’m thankful for them all — both those initial friendships formed in the earliest days, and for those I’m just beginning to nurture. I’ve been touched by people who owe me nothing and don’t know me personally — people who reached out because they are decent human beings who recognized that another human being needed a kind word or a friendly ear to vent to.

Recently, I decided to seek medical help for the terrible depression that I was facing — only 9 months after I’d discontinued the medication I was on — a decision that I made after many months of consideration — and now I am acclimating to a new medication — that is working, darlings — that’s the good news. There isn’t any bad news to speak of — I’m just adjusting. Not sleeping very well, but I think I may be turning a corner on that. But I’ve been very tired, and so I’m giving myself some time to heal and to rest and to get through the holidays, which have never been very easy for me, but especially these last couple of years since… well…

So, 2014, huh? Also, how ’bout that local sports team?

I promised other news updates, so I suppose I should tell you that I am now in the waiting game end of things when it comes to Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One. I’ve done all the work I need to do, and now I am waiting for cover art. Being as it’s the festive season known as Saturnalia to some and Christmas to others, and etc.. etc… I will be waiting for a couple more weeks. The aim is still mid-to late January, which means that a whole lot of people will be giving their sweethearts a copy of my book for Valentine’s Day, am I right? (Best to be read in the bath with all kinds of scented oils and/or bubbles, to be accompanied by the jazz styling of Misters Davis and Coltrane, preferably.)

Anyhow, I wish I could greet every single one of you by name, but I fear I would forget someone (wow, Helena, does the phrase cop out mean anything to you?) and then I’d feel terrible.

So, if you’re reading this, darling, then you are likely among those I would name. So, please read this as a personal thank you, and if I didn’t fear giving you my cold, I would give you all a big hug.

I remain, as always, your favourite dilettante,


P.S. Penny says (and I quote, darlings) “Felix Navy Dad, Toot Le Monde” and insisted that I include the following video with this post:


5 responses to “The Road to Eldorado, Recovery, and Other News…

  1. Merry holidays and I would really wish if you could tell this to my husband (without me sticking his nose in screen!), the book would be an all-time best ever you can imagine gift for me!

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