Hawksley Still Makes Me Cry Every Time

Fellow Canuckistanian and pseudonym sporting sexy superstar Hawksley Workman sings songs so sweetly; so sentimentally, that I cannot help but get a little choked up. I’ve seen him in large theatres and tiny little dive bars, and he’s always an amazing show. Merry Christmas, I Love You is my favourite Christmas song, containing lyrics like:
but love is just a laundry line
we hang on until

we’re dried out by the sun
and when you think your turn is done
you end up getting dirty
and it’s all again begun


i shouldn’t expect to live
and i shouldn’t expect to die
but i wouldnt mind being beside you, dear
on that laundry line to dry

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, or indeed, if you don’t celebrate anything this time of year, please don’t be offended when I wish you a Merry Christmas, darlings. It’s meant as a sweet way of saying that I’m remembering, at this time of year, to try and see the goodness in my fellow human being.

So when I say “Merry Christmas”, you should just hear it as “I love you.”

An early Merry Christmas from your favourite dilettante.

Do watch the video, darlings — but keep a box of tissues handy.


4 responses to “Hawksley Still Makes Me Cry Every Time

  1. Oh he crawls right into your soul!! This just gave me goosebumps, as well as the message you wrote to go with it, Helena. It’s beautiful! Merry Christmas to you too!!

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