Overheard at Vers Les Etoiles Asylum for the Mentally Deranged

People laugh at my banter with the Countess Penelope of Arcadia, and well they should, Penny’s hilarious — I don’t know what I’d do without her.

BUT if you want to meet a hilarious woman, with whom I’ve spent entire fruitless days (from a work perspective, anyway) bantering back and forth like something out of a Kevin Smith movie or perhaps some ill-fated Joss Whedon project, then just go make the acquaintance of Miss Hannah Sears — or, as she goes by on her blog, Wanderer. If you ever see the two of us playing banter tennis, do feel free to pick up a racket if you feel you can hack it.

Oh, and while you’re there, if you haven’t discovered Hannah’s writing, you simply must, darlings — she’s got dozens of short stories — I recommend Tweakers for a longer serialized tale, but there are smaller morsels to be had.

Today’s entry in Friday Fictioneers launched banter of an epic proportion.


4 responses to “Overheard at Vers Les Etoiles Asylum for the Mentally Deranged

    • Don’t you hate it when you pay for good press and they get it all wrong?

      But seriously — have you ever seen a permanent sign that has spelling and or punctuation errors, and you just wince?

      • Regularly. In fact, I had to ignore the blatant spelling error in today’s FF because it caused me physical pain to acknowledge it. Typos in books are my favourite.

  1. Holy Buckets. you two crack me up. Don’t let any other creative ever say they are not just as crazy. At least when at their most brilliant. You two achieved this today with your banter..

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