Gimme Some More Moore

One of my favourite on line destinations is the House of Moore — Cheryl Moore, that is, and her blog Unbound Boxes Limping Gods.

Cheryl might just be the undiscovered Tolkien of our time — except that she doesn’t write about trolls or Orcs or disembodied bad guys.

So, then, what’s you’re point, Helena?

My point, smartass, is that she has created entire worlds, rich and real and intricately interwoven in ways that boggle my mind, and, quite honestly, intimidate me sometimes. Her world is so vast that it’s sometimes easier to just pick a character and follow along, fall in love with them, and wait with bated breath to see where they will go next.

Take Alexand and Katherine, for example, and Alexand’s brother Farokh. Right now, Cheryl is telling a passionate and emotionally intense story of a sick and possibly dying Katherine, and the woman who loves her is searching desperately for a cure.

There’s all kinds of back story to explore, darlings, and never fear, Cheryl will guide you there with links to past stories and character connections. She’s so well organized, our Cheryl.

Anyhow, if you wanted to know where a good point to jump in would be, Cheryl has just recently started this new story arc (Click HERE, darlings. Click HERE or never speak to me again!) which she promises to take into the new year every Wednesday or thereabouts.

Did I also mention that Cheryl does all the wonderful artwork for these stories as well? She’s one of the most gifted storytellers I’ve ever encountered, darlings, and her characters will suck you in. If you find yourself wonderfully lost in her website and you end up losing your job and living on the street begging for change so that you can go to an internet cafe to read more of her stories, well…. I say that would be a small price to pay.


3 responses to “Gimme Some More Moore

  1. Came here from Cheryl’s blog. You’re right, she’s amazing and she has a fantastical world in her imagination that lesser people would struggle to keep track of, let alone chronicle the way she does 🙂

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