I’ve mentioned my love of this version before, and had promised to share it; or had recommended it to some people, but I’m a pushy bitch sometimes, darlings, and so here I am posting this to ensure that you can hear it if you want.

I love how she uses the countermelody of the song as the piano part — that’s just the musical elitist in me gushing over the details that the great unwashed masses often miss out on — those that say “Yes, that’s very nice.” You know what I mean, darlings, you’re all writers. Don’t you hate it when you write something particularly clever — a certain twist of phrase or a brilliant metaphor, and someone reads it and says “I like it; it’s nice.”
I’m a professional appreciator, darlings, and I hope you are too. Now listen to the nice fucking song!


3 responses to “Lovesong

  1. Tori is amazing and this song is simply exquisite! Of course, I heard it many years ago, but it’s still good to see it being appreciated today.

    “I’m an acquired taste. I’m anchovies. If I was potato chips I could go more places.”
    ― Tori Amos, Tori Amos: Piece by Piece

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