Like Spinning PlatesetalP gninnipS ekiL

I admit that I can gush for hours about Radiohead, darlings, and so I will try to keep this brief — so that my cilantro-loathing friend The Accidental Coochie Mama will still be my friend — but if you’ve never heard this, you really need to.
Consider, first of all, that the studio version of this song was all back-masked — that is, played one way and then recorded backwards, creating some really cool tape effects percussion in the process. It’s all pull offs and weird awkward timing — but it works.
You would think, then, that this would be a completely impossible song to perform — much like the Beatles never did a lot of their later catalog live simply because it was impossible to recreate the studio trickery.
But Thom Yorke is up to the challenge, darlings, as you can see here. It’s hard for me to say which version I prefer — I just remember being absolutely blown away when I heard it live. I couldn’t believe my ears.

Here’s the studio version for your comparison:


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