Feedback Requested

Feedback Requested

As some of you may know, I am currently compiling Volume One of the memoirs for publication, and while I am doing that, I have been working on cover artwork and a interior sketches of me and the Countess (or is it the Countess and I — you know, I’m never sure on that one. I’ll have to ask Jen over at elmowrites, she’s great with grammar).
Anyhow, darlings, I have received a preliminary sketch and would very much like your feedback — what are your thoughts? Do you like it?


16 responses to “Feedback Requested

  1. Love it! Stylistically winning and beautifully in line with the tone of your memoirs I think 😀 Amazing 🙂

    And as for the me and I thing – the sentance still needs to work if the other person was not in the sentance. That’s how I remember. So ‘compiling pictures of me’, that works. ‘Compiling pictures of I’ does not. So it’s me and the Countess, although the Countess and me is more polite, putting the other person first 🙂

    That’s one of the few rules I do know! As for affect and effect or inquire and enquire….aye, google will have to serve me on that one

  2. Those red LIPS! It’s a whole new you, darling. The style is right, of course… makes me think of the fashion sketches my grandmother used to make when she lived in Paris.

  3. Helena~ All digits Up! I know of what I speak. Chic, elegant yet still casual and inviting. I fell in love with it the moments our eyes met. Definitely a good choice. Who’s the artist?

  4. Hello hello! I found out about you as Jennie pointed me to you 🙂 Her sketch is already good for a cover piece, so I can’t wait to see what the final piece will look like. Love the casual elegance in it. The touch of red with the messy hair gives it an instant glamour and fashionable feel. I adore fashion illustrations!

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