Why Yes I Was Published In an Anthology, and Where Can You Buy It? Funny You Should Ask.


Hello darlings,

So this weekend saw the publication of Off the KUF Volume 1, which is an anthology of short fiction of mixed genres, and includes some of your favourite writers here from WordPress as well as some you may have never encountered before.

More importantly, it includes a very short piece written by your favourite dilettante, and that alone is worth the mere $3.00 that Amazon is asking.

Oh, and Jessica Bell’s “The Best Medicine” is in there as well. She’s so excited she stopped moaning for nearly an hour.

Here’s the link to where you can check it out and support indie writers. Like me!


14 responses to “Why Yes I Was Published In an Anthology, and Where Can You Buy It? Funny You Should Ask.

    • Thank you, darling — and never fear, the Memoirs Vol. One are still in the works. I’ve finished organizing and annotating them and have given them over to my editor, who is making good progress on it. Meanwhile, I have an artist friend working on the cover and a couple of portraits of the Countess and myself as well, so…. it may be a couple more months, but these things take time.

      • Oh, stop it! You can only recognize talent because you have a boatload of it yourself!
        Any new news in your world? Any new stories of yours brewing that you’d recommend? Send me a link to the beginning of one — it’s been too long since I’ve read one of your wonderful characters.

      • Aw, blushes 🙂 well this is the new episode, and you’re welcome to read it. http://wp.me/pXe9M-Ge (It’s part of a longer adventure, which will be released each Wednesday) Oh BTW I’m really looking forward to reading The People vs Helena Hann-Basquiat Pt. 2, is that going to be available soon?

      • I will make an effort to finish that story. I’ve been struggling with some pretty hard depression and have had a hard time getting into that headspace to write comedy. I mean of course I could just tell the events in point form as they happened but what’s the fun in that?
        I don’t know if it’s your cup of tea, but if you click on the Jessica Bell tab, I have been writing a serial story that is sort of Southern Gothic horror with a heavy H.P. Lovecraft influence there’s enough there to tide you over for quite some time giving me a bit of time to find the funny again.

      • Ah, I understand completely, when you’re ready I’m sure it will be worth my wait, and in the mean time I shall read more of your work. Thanks, Helena.

      • Hi Helena, yes that small d can go and beep itself, I’m glad you’re not listening to it and defied it instead! I am therefore going over to read The People vs H H-B P2, and thank you. No one’s ever written a request for me before. 🙂

    • You know, they just published one of my 100 word wonders — a particularly nasty one, too (pats self on incorrigible back) — but Jessica would always love to hear your thoughts on her long-ish tale.

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