Sleeps With the Fishes – Friday Fictioneers

Hello darlings, and welcome to another edition of “Helena stubbornly refuses to write the story everyone else does.”

I saw Koi, and of COURSE I started thinking in a Japanese accent, adding -san to the end of everyone’s name, and the air was full of cherry blossoms and etc….

So then I wiped that right out of my mind. I will leave the tales of honourable men and demure women to other, more interested writers than I. I’m sure there will be some wonderful stories.

Sorry, Doug, I know it’s your picture, and if I were in the mood to tell a serious story, I’m sure it would be lovely inspiration, darling, but instead, I went, well, you’ll just have to read to find out.

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for Friday Fictioneers (it all makes sense if you hover your mouse over —> HERE <—- and left click.) Trust me, everything you need to know will pop up on your screen if you click that blue link. You’ll even find a portal to other stories to read, and really, they’re only 100 words, so it’s not going to cut too much into your twerking and lol-cats time.

My story is also 100 words precisely.


copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy

copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy

“Fresh fish!” The inmates of Joliet called, welcoming the new arrivals as they were escorted in.

One man in particular caught the attention of Leo Vincini, one-time mob enforcer in Chicago.

“Hey Danny,” Leo asked his cellmate, “Isn’t that Mikey Santone? I thought you said he got whacked.”

“No,” Danny answered. “I said he sleeps with the fishes.”

Leo looked at the other man for clarification, but Danny just smirked

“So what’s he in for?” Leo asked.

“Oh, he got caught with his pants down this time,” Danny replied, “at some rich fella’s Koi pond. Those poor fish must be traumatized.”


73 responses to “Sleeps With the Fishes – Friday Fictioneers

  1. To Boldly Go Where No Fictioneer Has Before…

    I like when Helena refuses to write on-topic. You and Sandra are great at reminding everyone to look beyond the obvious and literal!

    • And yet, Ironically (or is it paradoxically, I’m not sure — I’ll have to ask Alanis Morissette) I did it by taking a more literal interpretation of the mob axiom “Sleeps with the fishes”.

      • It’s too early for me to remember which is which, and Alanis is obviously the expert, so I’ll demure. And yes, that was quite clever of you, dahhhling

  2. Dear Helena,

    I am glad that you wander far afield in the conception of your wonderful stories. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I try to do the same, though I did not leave Japan this week. Still and all, my story may qualify for your ‘not the usual fare’ award. A distant runner up in that category to yours, however, which hooked me from the beginning and never let go. It is a pleasure to know I can return to it for a reality check in the event we get too many talking koi this week.



    • Oh, Doug, you flatterer! You kept coming back to my story last week, you had me blushing time and time again! I went for chuckles this week, and if you gotta go low brow, I say go all the way. Sex with fish is about as low as you can get I think.

  3. I will never walk past a ‘Dr Fish’ spa pedicure place again without associating it with this story. (Of course Mikey probably would have preferred the services of the Doctor Fish to the Koi…)

  4. Sleeping with the fishes – whatever turns you on, I guess. Great take again Helena, I know I can always rely on you for a big grin at least, and a cornflake-sprayer at best. You don’t disappoint.

  5. That Mikey Santore must be a politician. They are always into some kind of weird sex. Don’t let him close to the dolphins. Maybe an octopi . . . .

  6. Sleeping with the fishes came to my mind as well, though your twist is all together slimy. 😉 As a Piscean I feel for my kin. Next time they should invite over their cousin, Piranha. He’ll take care of the problem.

  7. Dearest Helena, you may have started a new trend..will koi ever be safe again? You’re freaking awesome.

    • If those two ever got together I think both their egos would cancel each other out and it would create a black hole sucking in everything and destroying the universe.
      Or, you know, they’d just make a movie together.

  8. Sleeps with the fishes by choice. I’m so glad you wrote this story, Helena! It was begging for someone like you to come along and write it! Ha ha!! Well done! 😀

  9. Hi Helena,
    Such a far out imagination. I’ve heard there are some men who will sleep with anything that moves, and I think Andrew Marvell may have been one of those. He wrote that famous poem: To My Koi Mistress. Ron

  10. Dear Helena,

    You certainly put a new spin on “sleeps with the fishes.” It’s one of those images that makes me want to shove ice pics in my eyes while laughing hysterically. Well done. .



  11. A delightful twist and fetish. So unexpected on this Monday morning, and I needed a good chuckle to go along with a strong cup of coffee. Now you’ve set me wondering as to Aquaman’s peccadilloes.

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