Feeling maudlin. Decided to purge those feelings. Wrote a sad story.

The Community Storyboard

Melissa sat in the airport bar, drinking and crying. She’d missed her flight yesterday, and while the airline had been nice enough to find her a seat in a flight a few hours later, it wasn’t soon enough. All she’d wanted to do was say good-bye. Her father hadn’t even been ill two months ago. She could have gone sooner; she could have taken time off and gone to spend some time with him.

She looked down at the Norman Mailer novel she’d picked up at the bookstore in the airport. She hated Norman Mailer, but her dad loved him. She thought she might sit and read to him, the way that he used to do for her whenever she was sick. She was sure he didn’t particularly love reading Sweet Valley High books, either, but he loved his daughter, and that’s what she’d wanted when she was ten or…

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2 responses to “Yesterday

  1. A portion of this is like a mirror to my experiences this year – the first two paragraphs could have been written by me, in my own memoirs. Hallelujah that my parents didn’t pull me back and forth between them, that I had been in touch with my dad only the day before he had a massive stroke… and you do begin to do things that the person who has gone would do. It just is. In a weird way, I enjoyed reading this – probably because I am doing OK now, and because I can see that some bizarre goodness has come of what happened. I feel – better. Well-crafted, my dear.

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